Casamorati Fiero fragrance notes

  • Head

    • calabrian lemon, lemongrass
  • Heart

    • thyme, lavender, tarragon, mint
  • Base

    • vetiver, coumarin

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Latest Reviews of Casamorati Fiero

A traditional, Italian cologne. The Mediterranean vibe feels all the way from start to finish. Invigorating scent. Can be worn year round, but I really see it more for warmer weather. I see in on a more traditional, dressed up middle aged gentleman.
Performance is beyond anything in this category I've tried. Whole day longevity with decent silage.
22nd February 2021
Quite nice...italian/ mediterranean vibe...Uplifting and zingy...nice ctrus accord , with lemon standing out , sitting on a bed of aromatic herbs..the mint adds a nice touch of freshness...gentle projection ...i don''t really detect much wood , just a blend of citrus/herb that mutates through various permutations through the life of the scent...this is the current formula...the original formula was thicker , richer and a little me , a safe smelling fragrance that can be worn pretty much anytime...
2nd August 2020

This is herbal and citrus. A well done strong eau de Cologne-style fragrance. Good performances.
19th May 2020
1888 Fiero is actually a nice scent, with that fresh/herbal mediterranean feel - crisp, with notes of citrus, olive tree, thyme on a middleweight woody base. Quite effortless, and restrained/conservative in a good way. The overall vibe is classic, Italian, something along the lines of a modern interpretation of a vintage citrus-woods, unisex, but with an emphasis on notes traditionally used in masculine (marketed) perfumes. The quality is good, something that one would expect at Xerjoff prices.

1888 Fiero has subdued sillage, and lasts a moderate four to five hours on skin. My issue with it is not so much 'performance', but the fact that this is a bit dense/concentrated in its smell. What it really needed was to let loose the shackles, lighten up the formula (as an EdC or EdP) and make the vibe radiant, rarefied, airy and expansive, perhaps with a lighter base, like many of the brisk, traditional masculine scents.

It's like listening to your favourite upbeat track, but the key is inappropriately low.

2nd February 2019
Fresh and sweet, Fiero fits very well in cold days but during summer too.

It's not Wow but it smells very pleasant if you are into italian fresh scents.

The wood cand be noticed after 1 hour from opening.

A nice fresh perfume but on my skin it doesn't last more than 3 hours.
14th June 2018
Fiero wears better in winter for me. The boldness of the spices and aromatics, everything is boldly done here and it might appear heavy handed. At first it is an old world cologne with thick lemony herbal mint lavender and thyme. I am always reminded of the opening of Aqua di Parma Essenza during this opening part only a bit heavier. But as it wears on the freshness becomes a dark green (tarragon) tarry amber that smells like the finish on some leather products. The overall scent profile is far from unique and I am sure it is a classic old world formula but still it works. I like it.
27th December 2016
a modern eau sauvage.
29th December 2015
Fiero opens with a thick, zesty, slightly-sweet lemony note that reminds me of Lemon Drops candy (though it doesn't smell cheap). The citrus lasts a lot longer than I usually get from other citrus fragrances.

After a bit, the lemony note backs off a little, and an herbal-woody center emerges that serves as a nice counterpoint to the initial sweetness.

Overall, a very pleasant fragrance with sufficient staying power that people who don't normally wear citrusy scents might enjoy.
11th November 2015
The opening of Fiero is in fact *fiercely* zesty, green and fruity, with rich, vibrant, "juicy", slightly pollen-resinous notes on the base, refreshed by balsamic nuances and a slap of quite realistic citrus notes on top. It reminds me of several masculine classic colognes, less shady and austerely "masculine" and more on the herbal-citrus side - at least initially. It then evolves on a drier and darker path during which herbs and spices arise with increasing strength (a load of cumarin and nutmeg, a blast of aromatic minty-culinary herbs), all still topped with an invigorating and nice citrus accord on top, which lasts quite longer and bolder than usual - and more surprisingly, smelling still good, green, zesty and powerful. Shortly a citrus-spicy-herbal cologne with light woods and mossy-earthy notes on the base. Classy and beyond classic. A little tacky on the spices to be honest, completely unoriginal but pleasantly comforting and well made.

23rd October 2014
This a strong and long lasting citrus fragrance with a bit of floral and woody notes. Traditional Italian/Mediterranean style, perhaps, and pleasant. It is surely one of the longest lasting citrus fragrances I have tried, lasting more than 12 hours. I like it, but not enough to buy a full bottle.
18th October 2014
A bit disappointed with his to be honest.

It starts great , smells fantastic, beautifully balanced and masterfully blended, this offering from Xerjoff is, without a doubt, citrus at it's very best !

Alas, it lasts all of 45min on me and thereafter, It becomes a very close to the skin scent... a couple of hours latter and, is all over!.

Now, this longevity issue is very serious indeed. Still and, although very close to deserve it, I love Fiero too much to give it a negative!

I bought this straight from Xerjoff e-boutique so, maybe it is a brand new batch and, it has not matured enough... Time will tell and, I shall re-evaluate this review in a few months.

Until then and for now, I'll stick with neutral on this one!

Please note that this review is for the new green tassel version, I believe the older (vintage so soon?) version had a gold tassel

Edit!! 25-06-2015
Well, it has been nearly a year and, my bottle has matured quite nicely. Sprayed 4 shots this morning at 10AM and, although a skin scent now, It is very much there. A massive improvement form the 2 hours longevity I was getting a year ago!
Thumbs up!
25th July 2014
Personally, I didn't have any hope for the whole Casamorati 1888 line but when I tested this one it was a huge surprise for me!
The opening of this fragrance is a tart fresh citrusy scent with some green notes and semi sweet musk.
I can clearly smell bergamot that give the scent a tart and slightly bitter citrusy aroma. there is a strong dose of neroli beside it which makes the scent green, clean and a little soapy. there is soft musky note as well to make the scent slightly sweet.
The opening is pleasant but there is nothing really special about it. but after 10 minutes the scent started to change in an elegant old fashion classic way which really got my attention.
In the mid the bergamot note settled down and neroli became stronger with more soapy aroma and at the same time vetiver and tarragon notes kicked in.
The mid of this fragrance is a beautiful bitter herbal, smoky, green and soapy scent with some fresh feeling and slightly sweet musk in the background. a classic masterpiece indeed.
The beauties of this fragrance didn't end here. in the base the scent almost looses that bitter herbal tarragon and smoky vetiver aura (mostly smoky part) but now I can smell a soft floral notes beside other notes.
The base is a semi fresh, soapy, green, slightly bitter and slightly smoky scent with hint of floral notes and some sweetness that screams class and prestige.
The base somehow remind me the smell of "Cartier Pasha" but with noticeable differences.
Projection is great and longevity is around 10 hours on my skin.
Classic lover should at least try this one. just magnificent.
19th May 2014