Casamorati Fiero 
Xerjoff (2010)

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Reviews of Casamorati Fiero by Xerjoff

There are 17 reviews of Casamorati Fiero by Xerjoff.

A traditional, Italian cologne. The Mediterranean vibe feels all the way from start to finish. Invigorating scent. Can be worn year round, but I really see it more for warmer weather. I see in on a more traditional, dressed up middle aged gentleman.
Performance is beyond anything in this category I've tried. Whole day longevity with decent silage.
Feb 22, 2021

Quite nice...italian/ mediterranean vibe...Uplifting and zingy...nice ctrus accord , with lemon standing out , sitting on a bed of aromatic herbs..the mint adds a nice touch of freshness...gentle projection ...i don''t really detect much wood , just a blend of citrus/herb that mutates through various permutations through the life of the scent...this is the current formula...the original formula was thicker , richer and a little me , a safe smelling fragrance that can be worn pretty much anytime...
Aug 2, 2020

This is herbal and citrus. A well done strong eau de Cologne-style fragrance. Good performances.
May 19, 2020

1888 Fiero is actually a nice scent, with that fresh/herbal mediterranean feel - crisp, with notes of citrus, olive tree, thyme on a middleweight woody base. Quite effortless, and restrained/conservative in a good way. The overall vibe is classic, Italian, something along the lines of a modern interpretation of a vintage citrus-woods, unisex, but with an emphasis on notes traditionally used in masculine (marketed) perfumes. The quality is good, something that one would expect at Xerjoff prices.

1888 Fiero has subdued sillage, and lasts a moderate four to five hours on skin. My issue with it is not so much 'performance', but the fact that this is a bit dense/concentrated in its smell. What it really needed was to let loose the shackles, lighten up the formula (as an EdC or EdP) and make the vibe radiant, rarefied, airy and expansive, perhaps with a lighter base, like many of the brisk, traditional masculine scents.

It's like listening to your favourite upbeat track, but the key is inappropriately low.

Feb 2, 2019

Fresh and sweet, Fiero fits very well in cold days but during summer too.

It's not Wow but it smells very pleasant if you are into italian fresh scents.

The wood cand be noticed after 1 hour from opening.

A nice fresh perfume but on my skin it doesn't last more than 3 hours.
Jun 14, 2018

Fiero wears better in winter for me. The boldness of the spices and aromatics, everything is boldly done here and it might appear heavy handed. At first it is an old world cologne with thick lemony herbal mint lavender and thyme. I am always reminded of the opening of Aqua di Parma Essenza during this opening part only a bit heavier. But as it wears on the freshness becomes a dark green (tarragon) tarry amber that smells like the finish on some leather products. The overall scent profile is far from unique and I am sure it is a classic old world formula but still it works. I like it.
Dec 27, 2016

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