Casamorati Dama Bianca fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lime, kumquat
  • Heart

    • italian iris, egyptian jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, lilac
  • Base

    • sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, ambrette, white musk, malt

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Latest Reviews of Casamorati Dama Bianca

Dama Bianca smells like a gorgeous soap, and for once this is very positive to my nose. A soap filled up with white and purple flowers, some exotic ones, acidic fruit that are not of the citrus family and a bit of vanilla. Very beautiful.
14th May 2020
Fruit mixed with iris and violet at the beginning. Sadly, that is all I smell. Iris and violet, in the heart are everywhere. I expected more notes to shine for such an expensive fragrance, but they don't. Or, at least that the notes would be blended enough I wouldn't be constantly accosted by the iris and violet. Now I love iris and violet - that is a no-brainer. I just wanted MORE from Dama Bianca. I have plenty of iris and violet perfumes already.

Vanilla creeps up making this frag much sweeter later on. Ambrette follows, as well as musk. The lightest peak of sandalwood appears - at least I think so. No wait! If iris and violet would get the hell out of the way maybe I could smell it.

Hours later... Candied violets. C'est la vie. Only three stars nice, IMO.
31st December 2018

I'm a guy and I rock this juice with confidence ! I get so many positive feedback from the ladies with this scent on me.. You wouldn't believe it. I think perfumes are genderless, wear what you want and what you love.

Regarding this fragrance, it is simply a stunning composition in every possible way. Xerjoff knows how to make amazing olfactive pieces of art, that's for sure.

16th May 2018
There is a LOT going on here.

I'm not sure what to say. It's not a bad scent, but I don't exactly enjoy it. The notes seem to scream for my attention, all at once. I feel as though I'm in a room with 20 three year olds all asking for a snack!

I can smell some iris and violet, but it is so tucked up under all the "noise" of the other notes, it doesn't shine, and it is why I give this a "neutral".

But, I'm not saying that it's a bad scent, don't try it, you won't enjoy it - I just could not get through the opening in any way that made sense to my nose or my brain.
9th April 2017
The very first impression is that of yet another Angel flanker, but that impression disappears quickly, leaving the scent of minty vanilla. I don't know where the mint impression comes from, but the iris certainly gives it a cold, crisp aura as well. The fate of the other notes listed is lost to me.

It's pretty strong and linear with no perceived development, and I wonder when it would be appropriate to wear it with its cold, distancing personality. I imagine it might be more a wearer's scent than one intended for those around one and that in the heat of summer, the coolness of its personality might help moderate the high temperatures.

Perfectly decent, but I can't get excited over it, plus the price tag places it way out of the league of most scent purchasers.
13th December 2016
I was directed to this one when I posed the question, "What might I want to wear that isn't L'Instant if I'm in the mood to wear L'Instant?"

And Dama Bianca really does have the sort of sweet, radiant, powdery, fluffy-vanilla-and-florals personality I associate with Guerlain. It is, indeed, closest to L'Instant in not having the distinct animalic weirdness in its base of the older Guerlains. The floral here is predominantly violet and iris to my nose instead of the fresher magnolia or lily accord in L'Instant. It's a classic, refined scent, and could have been a contemporary of Bellodgia or something.

I do love it and recommend it - seems to be of wonderful quality - and the price...I'll treasure and enjoy my sample!
1st June 2016
This is a very formal, extravagant type of perfume that I'm really glad I get to play with from time to time. It's ridiculously priced, its bottle looks like Barbara Eden should live in it in the 60s, and the style is bodacious. I'm 46 and I feel easily 10 years too young for this kind of thing (even though it's vanilla). But I like it.

The fragrance gives the impression of wearing some kind of cloud--zaftig but fluffy. Its sort of hovers over your skin, instead of touching it, which is an interesting effect in a such a heavy-seeming perfume. The florals smell reasonably expensive--a hit of sharp violet in the opening, a touch of buttery jasmine, and especially its nice waxy iris; I suspect that this is real orris butter, which would explain the smoothness of the composition and its luxurious texture. But the florals are supporting players for the vanilla, which comes off both creamy and dry, and sort of musky (not like perfume-musk but like animal musk--not that this is in any way, shape or form animalic--but it's dense the way animal musk is dense), like real vanilla beans, rather than boozy extract. It's worth noting that I smell no LOTV to speak of in here, but there's a touch of freshness when the perfume first opens, and that could be where it's peeking out a little. I actually like the woody in the dry down: the cedar smells finished, not raw, and it's sort of creamy, mirroring the creaminess of the vanilla. One would expect powder at the finish, but that doesn't happen, and this gives the whole shebang a touch of the contemporary that I didn't expect.

This perfume doesn't project much, but its sillage is exquisite, which speaks to the quality of the materials and the care and attention put into balancing the composition. If I'm going to wear vanilla scent, this is the way I want it--and despite its florals, this is really all about the stuffing. I would never wear a huge white fur coat a la Zsa Zsa Gabor, but if I did, I bet it would feel kind of like this.
31st January 2016
A fragrance of seduction, an declaration of love. Dama Bianca has the rare beauty of a fresh, floral scent. A sparkling light fragrance with real charisma arising from the concept of "flower madness". It evokes a spring afternoon on the shores of the mediterranean sea. Powdery, lovely, sweet, chic, enchanting, romantic, delicate, amiable and harmonious.

It is expressed with the fruity head notes of lime and kumquat that is rooted in powdery iris and violet blend with refined musk, creamy sandalwood, opulent vanilla, and sybtle malt for a delectable dry down. This is suitable for a lady who like less heavy perfumes.but for a more addictive trail one drop of the accord on the nape of your neck will trigger the most illicit fantasies. It is not overpowering at all. Great for springtime.
23rd July 2015
Another Xerjoff vanilla of considerable class, this time with a creamy quality that reminds me of soap and scented candles. While Dama Bianca is a cosy, comforting creation, the whiteout vanilla billowing up through a froth of musks and iris, one misses a touch of counterpoint or two that would give this perfume somewhat more complexity (though Xerjoff would claim otherwise – ‘Dama bianca is [a] sumptuous bouquet of femininity with undertones of warmth and complexity' according to their website). The mid-section rounds out the experience a little with veiled florals, the kind that one senses as a presence rather than identifies. A hint of malty tones and a touch of velvety sandal in the base add to this perfume's sympathetic, easy-to-wear character. Accomplished in a spun sugar kind of way: subtle, simple and moreish.
9th April 2013