Casamorati 1888 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • clove, coriander, pepper, saffron, carnation
  • Heart

    • rose, neroli, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • sandalwood, patchouli, amber, russian birch

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This is rather special, I get a floral cherry Amber with touches of incense and clove, it's very elegant and extremely well blended, this is the result of high quality ingredients and a talented perfumer combining to create a luxury item. 1888 is one of the best Amber fragrances I've ever tried, it ticks every box for me and I bought it immediately after sampling, it also performs fantastic, all day spicey whiffs of cherry and carnation. It's also a compliment magnet and draws people in, in the summer just go lightly on the trigger.
3rd March 2021
How gorgeous! It opens like a beautiful bitter cherry and almond cocktail and then evolves beautifully and remarkably towards a powdery "incens-y" floral predominated by a non-cloying and non-acidic rose.
30th April 2020

Did I hear cherry coke. I've heard this term used on several high end scents previously that I've hadn't tried so I just wondered how can this be. Well now I know cause I'm wearing it now. It is like having that full large cup up to your mouth and your nose is right there taking it all in. Not sure if like wearing it more than drinking it though. One thing for sure its not as sticky as wearing the drink is.
7th March 2020
This is a nice fragrance but a bit feminine. It smells essentially of a sweet yet sour amber with carnations with nothing else. I prefer Xerjoff's Regio for a carnation-based fragrance to this. Projection and longevity are both good.

2nd March 2019
Spiced floral amber – the reason why I am using generic terms is that 1888 refuses to lift into anything much more specific on my skin. There's a touch of the light, almost fruity saffron, that sings out in Dolce Amalfi from the same line, but it's soon lost into this vaguely spiced sweetness that seems to rest on a base that is half custard, half wood paste. Fans of Christmassy scents may appreciate this one as it seems to have a mulled quality to it and feels warming, but I'll stick to a couple of Carons which give me that particular fix (Narcisse Noir, Nuit de Noel). It remains a bit of a head scratcher making me wonder if my hooter is malfunctioning because I really can't smell ‘the best perfume in the world' wave overwhelming the Fragrantica commentators on this one.
29th November 2018
The Casamorati line up is my favorite of the entire Xerjoff fragrance collection. 1888 does not disappoint. It's a very hard one to explain. incense, booze and cherries. That's the best explanation. But not in a juvenile way. There is a darkness here. A serious vibe going on. Projection and longevity are great.

14th June 2018
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