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Carolina Herrera (1988)

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Reviews of Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

There are 22 reviews of Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera.

When I was a little girl, in the late 80s, I had this peach-colored Easter dress covered in little pink and purple flowers, complete with shoulder pads. Carolina Herrera is that dress: a big, peachy, 80s floral. Pretty, feminine, and loud.
Mar 4, 2021

I have worn this scent on and off since it first came out I have tried hundreds of perfumes over the years and I continually return to this as my signature fragrance. I'm quite fond of tuberose (obviously) but love the jasmine/hyacinth/ honeysuckle/LOTV accord that accompanies it. It is linear, as others note, but since I love it, I'm ok with that. I don't wear it as much in the summer as winter, and more at night now that I'm retired. It is a big, heady tuberose but so much more, in my opinion.
Aug 26, 2020

In 1978 Madeleine Mono created the first of two scents, which she named after herself. Ten years later Carolina Herrara created her first scent, which she named after herself. The unusual thing is that to my nose, both are alike. Both pay homage to Piguet's masterpiece, Fracas, with its mist of heady white florals and peach with tuberose at the center.

I quote below from my Basenotes review of Madeleine de Madeleine:

"This is an excellent tuberose dominated floral bouquet, that is fresh and joyful, also a little green and dry in the base.

Madeleine D is really just about tuberose, surrounded by not necessarily white florals and a nice solid base, as mentioned above. It is not cloying or over the top. The green note keeps the tuberose subdued and grounded."

I detect honeysuckle as one of the white florals accompanying the tuberose in the Herrara. It is a heady, fresh floral scent, old-fashioned in a good sense. Certainly if you are a tuberose fan, you can't go wrong with this one.

Oct 23, 2015

People who lived large and loud in the 1980s will tell you that the bigness of the era was a reflection of exuberance and the sense of endless potential. It wasn't. It was mostly just un-nuanced and noisy.

Enter Carolina Herrera, the perfume, not the person. It's a child's stick-drawing of a tuberose blown up to billboard size, shaken with a shot of over-concentrated sugar-free grape kool-aid. Both monstrous and shrill, it was overconfident where it should have been self-conscious. Classically 80s in style, Carolina Herrera reminds me how tedious and draining those conversations with people on blow were.
Nov 30, 2012

This was my signature scent for awhile in the late 80s. I don't know if I could tolerate it now. First, it's been changed. Second, it's pretty darn intense and I don't usually like to "go there". I still keep a mini in my collection.
Oct 30, 2011

I forgot how lovely this fragrance is! I discovered it again today going through an draw full of old perfumes. I bought this 100ml bottle over 12 years ago, have only used around 25ml and it hasn't gone off; probably because it was still in its box in a draw. Anyway, back to the scent. IMO it is a pretty strong scent but I love scents with presence. Its not really musky, dark and heavy but more floral heavy. I'm not very good at describing scents as some of the more experienced perfume experts on basenotes but I do know that it is a pretty scent in a more mature kind of way. It is also, for me, a feel good perfume and full of class.
Jun 19, 2011

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