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Carlisle by Parfums de Marly

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Carlisle is a men's fragrance launched in 2015 by Parfums de Marly

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Reviews of Carlisle by Parfums de Marly

There are 19 reviews of Carlisle by Parfums de Marly.

Parfums de Marly has REFORMULATED Carlisle. I own an older formulation which has an alcohol concentration of 77%. The new formulation I see in stores has 81% alcohol. My formulation is a dark ORANGE / AMBER color. The new formulation is a very light, faint copper color. The new formulation does not last as long and it smells different. Parfums de Marly fragrances are ALWAYS getting reformulated and become much weaker than their ORIGINAL releases. Parfums de Marly HAS NOT been transparent when it comes to the reformulation of their fragrances. Herod, Layton & Oajan have also been reformulated and have 3%-4% more alcohol in newer batches

Opening is pleasant, so fresh I thought it was an Aquatic. The dry down moves more towards a sweet gender neutral, floral, woody blend. Pleasant, safe, not amazing. I just wouldn't wear it myself. I don't find it very masculine. If a female friend were wearing it, I'd comment that it was charming on them.

Parfums de Marly Carlisle is not necessarily to my personal taste, but I find it to be objectively well-made on its own terms.

Others have discussed its structure well enough. It's a fruity, spiced, dusty tobacco and vanilla, at first a bit syrupy, but eventually settling into something more relaxed and cozy. It offers more defined development and complexity than many of its peers.

Indeed, in its dusty, sweet, vanillic tobacco drydown with fruity tones it is not worlds away from the territory explored by the recent (and very well-made) Tauer Sundowner, but with a more youthful, statement-making spin.

Nice stuff. Rally smooth and slightly sweetly and smoky too.
Will no doubt suit a lot of people which is possibly why it’s not for me as I like less mainstream stuff.
Performance was good but nothing special on my skin. Was a skin scent within about 4-6 hours

I blind bought Carlisle, which I knew was somewhat risky, as this is an expensive fragrance and the online reviews I watched/read did indicate that this is not necessarily the kind of scent that is a "crowd pleaser". I was familiar with other fragrances from Parfums de Marly, Herod, Layton and Percival to be exact.

I am a huge fan of Percival, but I was looking for a less conventional array of notes, something that would be intriguing and less common. Herod and Layton are indeed niche fragrances, but they are Parfums de Marly's most popular ones (at least in my experience). So after a lot of reading, video watching and a bit of hesitation (blended with excitement, I admit), I decided to get Carlisle, which gets a lot of love from the online community and makes most reviewers' top 3 favourite fragrances from Parfums de Marly.

Carlisle is, in fact, a mesmerizing scent. It is sweet, spicy, rich and creamy, but not overly. It is somewhat gourmand, but in a very cozy and comforting way. The first 10 minutes are not where this scent shines. However, past those, the notes blend together in an almost magical way, with green apple and vanilla somewhat standing out, but again not stealing the show, which is complex and evolves through the dry down.

Like other fragrances from this house, the quality is felt immediately. This is not cheap, and it shows. Longevity is almost scary. I wore two sprays for 7-8 hours, then took a shower before going to sleep. Next morning, I could still smell it a bit on my wrist. Impressive stuff. I usually stick to 2-3 sprays and I get fantastic projection and sillage. This scent is a BEAST.

I'm usually not into gourmand fragrances, but the gourmand aspect of Carlisle is incredibly seductive to my nose. Thankfully, it does not define the whole scent, but rather gives it a really cozy aspect. This is the perfect "sweater weather" scent.

PdM really hit it out of the ballpark with Carlisle, in my view. Despite the fact that this was released prior to Layton, Carlisle somehow feels like the synthesis of the houses' greatest hits (including Layton) and of its famous DNA, packaged into one beautiful, mysterious and comforting powerhouse whose performance yet has to be matched.

Overall, I am blown away by this product and am incredibly happy with this blind buy. Highly, highly recommended. This is my signature scent in the fall and winter.

I've only ever owned Habdan from pdm, which I really liked but sold it due to the way it performed on my skin (low sillage and projection). Luckily tho parfums de Marley have perfected things with Carlisle, although not the same scent it does share many facets from habdan and things like Herod and oajan. In the opening I get a beautiful citrus/apple soaked wood with hints of sweet vanilla and spice, then this leads into a leathery tobacco accord not too dissimilar to the structure and aroma in Mancera Red tobbaco, then it's creamy woods and slight ambery touches with all of the above. Carlisle tho is a lot less less obnoxious and better blended to my nose than Red tobacco's a wonderful comforting 10 hours on my skin and a real pleasure to own in the colder months.

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