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Captain Molyneux by Molyneux

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Captain Molyneux is a men's fragrance launched in 1975 by Molyneux

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Reviews of Captain Molyneux by Molyneux

There are 27 reviews of Captain Molyneux by Molyneux.

When first spraying Captain the first thing I thought was "Hello Paco Rabannes (1973)" they however soon diverge, where PR keeps on its course of a solid aromatic fougere, Captain gradually moves more and more into the airiness of citrus chypres, albeit a very herbal aromatic one (Capucci comes to mind).
Altogether wonderful if for me a bit redundant as I'm well stocked in vintage Paco and have honestly too many (excellent) citrus Chypres. However the longevity, in the iteration I have, is terrible, I'm not a projection beast mode fellow, my passion for the notoriously short lived Eau Sauvage attests to it, but here I'm left wanting more, I will shamelessly steal from a recent review from the good PStoller : The Captain to me "smells like a date that ends in a handshake"

Vintage Captain Molyneux EDT -

“Oh Captain! My Captain!”

Unlike Whitman's poem, Captain Molyneux has nothing to do with the death of President Lincoln and everything to do with classic aromatic fougere goodness.

Captain Molyneux opens with an attention grabbing blast of spicy lavender and dusty oakmoss. There is also an iron-like metallic quality floating around too. Once that tapers off, it begins to remind me of another great fragrance from the same era - Charles Jourdan Un Homme (1979) - with a very well blended anise and sandalwood steadying the ship.

Born in 1975, this one doesn't swing brass knuckles like other powerhouses of its day and just like Un Homme, Captain Molyneux has a classy and restrained quality that stays close to the skin. I personally favor this as I prefer the year round versatility.

Fortunately, vintage is still available online and is reasonably priced for the quality represented here.

4 stars

The best spring / summer ever, it has no equal.

really a gorgeous classic but not dated.
really belong to its era while today gentlemen can wear it and enjoy its quality and classiness.
spicy herbal soapy mossy.
lavender ginger slightly citrus on patchouli and oakmoss.
my bottle is the vintage one back to late 80s.

Stardate 20160909:

A classic barbershop. Must have if you like Azzaro PH, Tuscany, Rive Gauche PH. But then if you have those 3 this might be redundant.
Vintage is the way to go with this one. The reformulated version is no good.

Out of ignorance, I went for the edt/as tandem in the clear bottles that can be had for less than a sawbuck. I do believe THIS ruined it for me, regardless of iteration.

First off, I'll point to darvant's fine review with its specific mentioning of Captain's anisic character. It's pervasive. With the current version, that's all I get... cheap and synthetic smelling anisic water. Truly among the worst. I tossed those bottles.

But far too many enthusiasts hold the earlier versions in such high regard. So, when enough of the 1oz vintage bottles interestingly (peculiar-wise) began surfacing in the secondary market, I gave the vintage form a shot. No bueno. Sure, it's fuller, rounder, a little mossy, and just feels like it's a much better composition leading to a much easier idea of what many identify it to be: a barbershop aromatic fougere. Unfortunately, the anisic character is there and I just can't shake the association to the current iteration.

I'm ok with a little black licorice / anise, certainly with vanilla in things like Reglisse Noire for a gormandy lark and definitely in other masculine fougeres like Azzaro pH and Charles Jourdan un Homme. Perhaps it's simply the way it's used in Captain that puts me off. Sans the anise, Worth pH is preferable.

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