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Capri by 19-69

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“I have always been captivated by legendary, trendsetting films. The movie Le Mépris from 1963 featuring Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance is both iconic and stylish. The fragrance of Capri reflects the ambience of the movie. There are elements of wild citrus trees, orange blossoms, green olive groves, blue skies and the endless ocean that encircles the island.”

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Reviews of Capri by 19-69

There are 2 reviews of Capri by 19-69.

The niche version of John Varvatos Artisan Pure, with a peculiar drydown that feels almost dirty and B.O.-musky.

A great orange summer fragrance. Bold orange notes with five or six different aspects of orange plants, a hint of bitter green and a warm ambroxan and suede musk base. One of the very best of the new generation of orange essence fragrances that has me totally won over. There are so many bold yet complimentary aromas in this scent that I always feel I am smelling something just a little different every time I wear it as I move from sun to shade to indoors. Incomparable.

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