Cannabis Santal fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, Brazilian orange, black plum
  • Heart

    • patchouli, cannabis accord, rose
  • Base

    • chocolate, vetiver, vanilla musk

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Latest Reviews of Cannabis Santal

Maybe that's why I don't care much for this, it's so heavy on the patchouli. This is one of the few fragrances I bought at full price, it's kinda hard to even find on sale, or discounted much. This is a bonafide A*Men, with more patchouli, and less gourmand. Although it is still extremely sweet, it's not "foody" sweet.

I do get a lot of sandalwood in this, but it's masked unfortunately with an array of sweet notes. Despite the note breakdown, I don't get chocolate, not very much, and there's definitely no rose in here. I do get a ton of tonka bean though, and yes it's the dreaded cheap smelling tonka bean.

I think the sandalwood is well done, and even the patchouli (although not my favorite note).. however the sweeter notes are cheap and synthetic smelling.

Projection is pretty strong, longevity, 6 hours on my skin, before becoming a skin scent and then going for another 4-6 hours.

Why it's called Santal and has no sandalwood in the note breakdown is beyond me.. I trust my nose though, and I definitely get sandalwood here.

What sparked me to finally review this, is that I've decided to sell my bottle on Ebay, to try and get close to what I paid for it. After 2 years of owning this, I've worn it once. I truly believe the reviewer below me, that this was reformulated, because it smells way more patchouli heavy, than gourmandish as it did when it first came out.

You be the judge.
3rd September 2017
This one used to be fantastic. Sadly it was reformulated about 4 years ago and now features far more patchouli than it originally had. Be that as it may, this is still the best fragrance on offer from Fresh.
29th June 2017

No cannabis, no santal, where did they get the name for this fragrance? I'll bet they drew it from a hat.
Broad brush strokes of dark chocolate on a patchouli/vetiver canvas. Not bad really, actually kinda pleasant and oddly fresh (I cannot figure how they could create a fresh feeling out of dark chocolate, but they achieved it).
It gets only a neutral from me because I feel cheated by the name, I expected something completely different, but it is not a bad fragrance at all.
11th February 2015
It has a slight marijuana hint. Lots of vanilla. A great fragrance and worth the risk at only $40ish.
2nd August 2014
If you are expecting to smell like a doobie, this perfume is not for you. Instead, despite the name, is a sweet, chocolate, foodie-type perfume, which I'm just not into. The longevity was really good, I smelled like a candy bar for hours.
8th March 2014
A great surprise indeed! What a hidden gem. Cannabis Santal despite the name has no cannabis in it. Instead we have a lovely chocolate/patchouli/plum option to the designer Angel Men. Here as a friend said and I quote, we have a green A* men which is much more versatile and easy to the nose. Great silage and longevity in this edp fragrance which is very under the radar. A must try in my opinion.
12th April 2012
Chocolate, patchouli, fruit, and a hint of sandalwood make this a pleasant little concoction. There's also a bit of a synthetic edge to this which makes it smooth and glossy. Unfortunately there's no cannabis in here, but I suppose that's for the best.

I like it.
11th April 2012
Nose candy for guys. Sweet, soft, and woody, no sharp or jagged edges, and only barely butched up by carefully-dosed vetiver, patchouli, dark chocolate, and coumarin. The "cannabis" smells more like hemp, if anything - a sweet, earthy, somewhat scratchy hay-like accord with a slight tang - and the (surely synthetic) sandalwood is a mere background player, nearly drowned out by the borderline-cloying stewed fruit at the top and the velvety patchouli and coumarin later on. Brings to mind chilly autumn nights, home-baked goods, and mulled wine by the fireplace, but with a nice undercurrent of earthy must to keep things interesting. Not an intellectual fragrance, and certainly not the most elegant on the counter, but it hits its mark and could have been SO much worse. I dig it, man.
2nd November 2011
Cannabis and patchouli hearken back to carefree days of late adolescence and early adulthood. And who doesn't like the smell of sandalwood? This should have been a winner.

Instead I could find none of the purported elements in this frag.

It started off slightly green and salty. It quickly moved to a sweaty sweet vanilla, which wasn't what I'd anticipated, but it was okay for a bit. Then it dried completely off into sugary buttercream cake frosting. I smelled like a pastry shop. An hour later it was still pretty strong, so if you like it, know that the oils [whatever they happen to be] are decent. I had to scrub it off.

It just isn't anything like what you would imagine by the name and description. Quite disappointing.
5th April 2011
I wore this perfume forever, I found it both intriguing but also comforting. It smells nothing like cannabis, but the name fits anyway at least as well as YSI opium fits.

Then one day it just smelled like alcohol, the magic had just disappeared, and after the first whiff it disintegrated into an irritatingly sweet buzz. I immediately rushed to the store and bought a new bottle, assuming mine had gone bad; but alas the new bottle also smelled like wine that had been left uncorked overnight.

Nonetheless, I must give Cannabis a thumbs up because it has such happy memories for me.
1st February 2011
I 'm not sure if I like this one. It's sweet, airy, cocoa/nutty with a tinge of lavender and patchouli I think. The notes are ok. (Not wowza!) But there is a kind of chemical sweet hiss that is the essential character of this thing that's a little juvenile and grating. The clutch of white-sugarness is what tips this into "I dunno..."
10th January 2011
It's fine, but why buy this when you could buy A*Men? They're very similar and where they differ, I always seem to prefer A*Men. Also, the 'cannabis' tag on the name is just to grab your attention as far as i can smell.
20th December 2010