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Fresh (2009)

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Cannabis Rose by Fresh

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Cannabis Rose is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Fresh

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Reviews of Cannabis Rose by Fresh

There are 5 reviews of Cannabis Rose by Fresh.

All I can say is congrats to the perfumer Jerome Espinette who did an excellent job with this fragrance! We have in Cannabis Rose a new interpretation of this paradoxal flower – without a trace of grandma´s rose - this scent it´s delicious and clean/dirty at the same time.
It´s technically perfect – structure, projection and longevity. Sure this is not a fragrance to everyone because it´s strangely very audacious and mysteriously fascinating... for me it´s more than exquisite since I love different smells!!! And I sorry but have to tell – it´s much better than a lot of others roses scents made by big houses. Well, it´s a new and extraordinary way to know what can be done with a raw material who has being used untill the edge in all over those past decades... and If this ain´t "art in perfumery"...

I picked up a bottle of Cannabis Rose that seemed to leap out at me from the Sephora Fresh display. This is a good rose scent that is more masculine than feminine due the blending of rose with whatever is supposed to be cannabis in this mixture. At first sniff I thought it was a Voleur de Roses clone, but it is quite different. Initially the scent is a fruity and berry rose that reminds me of the round fruity rose in Paestum Rose. After about an hour the rose calms down to smell milder like a geranium roses with dry woods creeping into the background. The woods grows to be a considerable modifier to the rose scent thereby making it more masculine and changing the scent from rose + patchouli to woody dry rose combination. It is not a pure patchouli oil woods, but also doesn't smell like sativa oil or cannabis in my not too insignificant experience with these odors. If I had to guess I would guess the base to be patchouli, cardamom and a touch of tobacco - but it retains a very dry woodiness. The overall result is a satisfying rose fragrance with dry woods that ground the roses and keep them from being too motherly or innocent. Cannabis Rose smells every bit as good as many of the fineset niche rose scents, better than most - imo, but can be purchased for a very reasonable designer price. My rating of it is 7.6/10.

This scent and I did not get all! I typically am not a "scrubber", but within ten minutes I had to wash this off of my skin. I really thought I would like it based on its notes, too!

I immediately detected the rose...but not a red rose, a very sharp, green rose that wasn't ready to be trimmed yet. If roses were fruit, the first ten minutes of this fragrance smells like an un-ripe rose! This dominated the entire scent and I was unable to smell ANYTHING else in it.

Very strange fragrance to my nose, and also very unpleasant. I almost felt like it might make me start wheezing (I'm asthmatic & allergic to inside mold and such.) I've never felt like that after smelling a fragrance glad I sampled it first.


This is another amateurish, do-it-yourself scent by Fresh, like all of their fragrances I've sampled. Yes, there's plenty of rose in this, with patchouli in the base, but nothing else I can detect. If I wanted just rose and patchouli, I'd just buy vials of rose and patchouli essential oils and layer them. Cannabis Rose just smells like two scents sitting next to one another, with no real blending. It doesn't smell terrible, but I can't help but think that any moron could have composed this.

Perfumery is an art, and the best perfumes are those in which the individual notes work together with one another, acheiving perfect balance. Apparently Fresh doesn't understand this.


One day I went to Sephora and sprayed Cannabis Rose on one hand and D&G Rose The One on the other. I went home thinking that both were gorgeous. Since then I tried D&G Rose the One and got a face full of grapefruit... It was Cannabis Rose, all along, that had been lovely. It really smells just like it is described -- as cannabis rose. The rose to me is a tea rose, or maybe it's that there are actual tea notes in the fragrance. There is also a warmness, a woody depth to it, that must be the cannabis. I hung out with some hippies in my day and know the smell of cannabis, and don't worry, I doubt anyone will think you've been up to any illicit smoking based on this smell! It's an unusual rose for the rose lovers out there. You have to love rose to love this, but there's a lot more to it than rose. It isn't the pinstriped prettiness of Stella, or the in-your-face rose of Bulgari. It's a dirty rose. Dirty... but I like it. (If you're wondering, I had to go buy a small bottle of this. I actually like to mix it with the D&G, but YMMV.)

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