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Cannabis Flower by Demeter Fragrance Library

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Cannabis Flower is a shared scent by Demeter Fragrance Library

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There are 7 reviews of Cannabis Flower by Demeter Fragrance Library.

Weed (cannabis) mixed with freshly dug flowers with the dirt still on it. I was thinking this would be a heavier scent but it's actually pretty light and has just a hint of sweetness. I usually really don't like weed smells in a fragrance but this doesn't bother me as much.

Very light projection. You really have to bury your nose in it to get anything.

A typical, pleasant and slightly spicy resinous herbal impression to start off with; but soon developing into a nonspecific, slightly herbal mix.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Some nice moments, but basic overall, rather linear and a bit thin at times. 2.5/5.

When it is first applied, Cannabis Flower does smell like cannabis to me. I recognize those sharp, alto-resinous, wild-green notes – they smell very relaxing to me. And since this is a review of a Demeter fragrance, that's about the only point there is to discuss. Of course, being a Demeter it is not at all shocking that the scent has little longevity, and, knowing that when I plunked down the money for a pick-me-up bottle, I can't complain about the longevity… it's a Demeter.

I guess that completes my review: I believe it smells like it is supposed to smell, and it lasts just about as long as I expected it would, and I think it smells really good, so this has to be a thumb's up. I truly enjoy this one – makes me wish I lived in Washington state or Colorado or, possibly… the Netherlands.

Like most people who see 'Cannabis Flower' I deeply interested to try from the namesake alone - a Dutchman who never try Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is rather simple -yes, linear- green herbal fragrance with bitter-sweet quality. it have certain dry-like characteristics which smells like dried flowers and it could be pretty annoying if you keep smelling it. Its quite unique on its own right if you're into dry-herbal fragrance. However, the longevity and projection is really short and vanished into the thin air far too quickly.

Overall impression : average fragrance with linear notes, its rather boring fragrance with short projection and longevity.

A friend said that she really like Cannabis Flower, so I think it would be really depended on taste. Personally I found the notes to be rather annoying especially in the very first few minutes

Love at the first sniff The smell of it reminds me the good old days when I was still studying in Amsterdam, it smells like walking through a "coffee shop" in centrum while having a waffle. It has a sweet and weed-y smell, much nicer than expected from its name. It would be perfect if only it had better longevity. Pros: one of the kindCons: poor longevity "

Alcohol I was looking forward to finding a fragrance that was true to a good skunk. This smelled like pure alcohol. I sprayed it on my wrist and smelled nothing but alcohl so I sprayed about 10 pumps on my shirt. The alcohol about knocked me down so I waited a few minutes for that to disappate. I could then smell something but it did not remind me of cannabis at all. Not even a little bit. I have also purchased a bottle of Cannabis Santal by Fresh. This stuff is awesome but smells nothing like Cannabis either. I later tried a sample of Black Afgano by Nasomatto which still didn't smell like but it was nice. I'm sure someone will get the cannabis thing right some day.Pros: It was cheap.Cons: 20 dollars up in smoke."

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