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    • Tangerine, Lemon Tree, Hyacinth, Violet, Grapefruit, Black Currant

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I hear they have renamed this scent Tangerine, and now market it as unisex. That probably is a good idea, as I blind bought it when it was marketed as a male scent called Calypso Homme and found it was much more feminine smelling than I cared to wear. It is a fresh tangerine citrus blend on my skin, with a tropical sweet vibe. It is not an unpleasant scent, but difficult to wear except maybe on a tropical island on vacation. I started out giving the scent a thumbs down, but after further review, I think I will give it a weak neutral at 2 to 2.5 stars out of 5 (especially as it is now marketed for what it really is, IMO).
29th July 2011
This one is now a unisex and called Calypso Tangerine.And that is what it is, simply Tangerine. It has a slight green undertone, but this disappears quite quickly. It is simple, non-complex, and very light. For the summer, I wouldn't complain about smelling like fresh tangerines, but the fragrance lasted less than 2 hours and is very light.Someone who creates more lasting power and is looking for a fun and fresh summer sent may love it. It's not very expensive and would probably work wonderfully as a young person's first "fancy" perfume, but I didn't love it.
26th July 2010

It starts with cool tangerine and morphs into a warm black currant and musk accord. To my nose the drydown has a soapy character. Not very long lasting on my skin. Worth a try, but I nothing I would buy.
11th May 2008
Effervescent describes this one perfectly -- happy, inoffensive, clean citrus frag. Still, there's nothing stellar here -- just good quality ingredients well blended together. The perfect office or classroom frag.
8th January 2008
Comfort me with fruits warmed by the sun. A happy scent. Good enough but hardly great.
20th May 2006
This one smells very nice. Definitely a marine scent, floral, with a hint of Creed Erolfa's "oily" notes. Reminds me a great deal of "Ocean" by Jalaine (Bagutta Life) which is marketed to women and comes in parfum strength, and the recently released Vintage Yachting Club for men. I would recommend Calypso over Vintage Yachting Company if you want something along these floral/fruity/nautical lines.
21st November 2005
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