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Reviews of Calypso by Robert Piguet

There are 16 reviews of Calypso by Robert Piguet.

I have a mini - and I'm not sure what version it is. The typeface is all lowercase letters. Vintage? New formulation? No idea...

My 'calypso' is a lovely, expensive-scent 'FRENCH PERFUME!!!', somewhat 1950's/1960's 'church-lady.' I do not intend a 'dis' of any religion, rather this is the sort of scent I associate with ladies of a certain age and class (Philly Main Line) when I was a child (1960s). This is the sort of scent my mother's friends would wear to church, or to play bridge, or to go to country club dances, pre-'hippy-summer of love' patchouli or 1970's dry/assertive scents like 'No. 19. It is very nice, very old-fashioned, and rather dated to my nose. For a younger person for whom this sort of complex floral is 'new', I would say - go for it! Calypso is light-years and a galaxy far-far-away from the fruit-salad bombs of the last decade or so.
Jul 26, 2021

Maybe it's the current version versus the vintage, but I'm fairly unimpressed by Calypso. On me it's mostly benzoin baby powder with nonspecific florals painting a watercolor haze behind the powder, and a rather unfortunate mix of geranium and currant on top that fuses together with the animalics in the base to mostly smell like cat pee and vomit.

Everything else is weak enough to not matter (I can tell that there's a decent suede/amber combo in the base, but it's just so anemic that I don't care), leaving me to describe Calypso as mostly the smell of someone sprinkling flowery baby powder in an attempt to cover up the smell of urine and vomit. I'll pass.
Feb 27, 2019

Another winner from Piguet. I get a hint of menthol, but powdery, creamy, floral, and assured.
Oct 2, 2016

Genre: Oriental

Notes (from Piguet): geranium, mandarin, Bulgarian rose, orris butter, centifolia rose, patchouli, ambroxan, suede

Calypso opens on a juicy mandarin top note, then adds fruity, liqueur-like Bulgarian rose and polite patchouli over a foundation of sweet amber and iris, all rounded off with a warmly animalic musk. While Aurélien Guichard’s composition is presumably new, it has a nostalgic, classicizing feel to it. Everything is balanced, every proportion is well-judged, and nothing is out of place. The result, while hardly exciting or original, smells of quality, in that well-made, if occasionally stodgy, manner I’ve come to expect from Penhaligon’s or Nicolaï. Calypso is oddly plain and polite in a lineup that includes Bandit and Fracas, but worthwhile by its own rather conservative standards.
Jul 24, 2014

Calypso has its finger in quite a few pies.  The aquatic note makes you think you're going down one road, but the floral quality says otherwise. Then there's the salty, smoky quality and a smooth suede notes. Oh, don't forget the powder.  

Calypso is awkward and I can’t quite tell if it works.

The disparate notes don’t read as a complex formula. They’re awkward and make you think that the perfumer might have been indecisive about composing Calypso. The fragrance it most reminds me of is Gorilla Perfumes Breath of God, although I also catch a whiff of Parfumerie Générale Psychotrope's Jolly-Rancher-on -acid note. Calypso is arguably more worked out than Breath of God, but it’s also less interesting.

Quirky but mannered, Calypso feels like a conversation with someone who's accent you can't quite pin down. It leaves me with the suspicion of an dodged question, as if the perfume is resolved but I'm not quite.
Jun 19, 2014

... maybe you have heard that the "Traversee du Bosphore" by L´Artisan smells like Turkish delight? Well it doesn't, while Calypso it does. And it is quite delicious too! The Rose here is very pleasant and together with the opening citrus and the powdery Iris they make for this accord of lokum, I think, that it is quite special. I may be totally wrong but on my skin Calypso is like an ode to rose. Calypso is not overly sweet and overall this is not a gourmand fragrance. Its projection is quite ok although for an Eau de Parfum I would expect a bit better performance. BUT Calypso lasts and lasts... on my skin well above 3 and a half hours after application. I don't know how to explain it but while I keep on smelling my wrist and find Calypso interesting and nice I still can't imagine this to be MY fragrance. Calypso is just a bit more floral/powdery than I could bear. For you guys who are a bit more adventurous ... at least give this a go. Calypso may be labeled as feminine but it is in fact quite unisex and so enduring. This review was written after trying Calypso from a 100 ml bottle of Eau de Parfum that is most likely the re-formulation.
May 2, 2013

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