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Van Cleef & Arpels (2014)

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California Rêverie is a range of jewellery launched in 2009 by Van Cleef & Arpels, which is inspired by "the majestic scenery of California, in a part-real, part-imaginary trip down the West Coast". When the collection was launched a matching fragrance was created with the same name, as a limited edition gift to customers of the company.

In July 2014, a fragrance with the same name joins the brand's 'Collection Extraordinaire'.

Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan said:

When I designed the perfume, I had a dream trip through California in mind, California - wrapped and bathing in light, in the light of the sun. I wondered how, with what could I possibly get this incredible feeling and how this idea of brightness is best expressed? It's available only with jasmine!

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Reviews of California Rêverie by Van Cleef & Arpels

This is a dreamy creamy jasmine scent.the scent is a dream of summer days.a place in the shade where you can lay down your head, forget about the world,relax,and luxuriate within the calming waves of heavenly scent.a exceptionally desirable blend of quality floral and citrus notes lending the fragrance a natural aura not too heady,just elegant. not too overpowering,but seductive and sophisticated in a understated way.

The scent opens with very nice fresh natural notes of neroli and citrus with the narcotic jasmine aroma making it's presence right away. drying down to a clean, smooth creamy and sweet with frangipani and is a summer scent for sure,but you will also wear it on a rainy day,so that the fragrance can envelop you with the soft magic of mediterranean summer.the performance is very good.
Sep 2, 2021

Very soft, plush, fresh. The white flowers dominate the blend after the initial freshness is gone and it's very nice while it lasts. This is a very nice and simple floral blend that wears like a cologne. Perfectly unisex.
Jul 15, 2019

I mostly smell jasmine and tuberose, extremely indolic - one of those florals that's more of an indole perfume than a flower perfume. Don't get me wrong, it's not gross or anything, just very gritty and indolic and not purely "pretty".

This had the potential to be a truly great perfume - a fantastic, rich base could have made this grail territory. Unfortunately, the drydown after a few hours of indolic flowers is pretty thin neroli with a dash of soap.

Also, as I've worn California Rêverie, I've enjoyed it, but I kept smelling myself and thinking "Oh, that's nice - it reminds me of Creed's Fleurs de Gardenia, which I like better." So, while I think California Rêverie deserves a thumbs up just for an interesting mix of flowers and indoles, I'd still go with the similar, better Creed.
Jul 28, 2017

As a 6th generation Californian, I am a complete chauvinist when it comes to my state and really didn't think Van Cleef & Arpels could give me an authentic California dream of a fragrance. But this reverie rocks! Somehow the notes combine into a juice that is not literal but beautifully figurative. Suggestive of a Golden State of mind. Casual and cultured. Sunny and rich. Pretty and smart. Smells like a billion bucks but wears like a bikini. Just dreamy.
May 6, 2016

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