A special edition made in honour of the 2013 San Francisco Chocolate and Fragrance Salon.

California Chocolate fragrance notes

    • wild orange, grapefruit, yuzu, white cognac, neroli, dark chocolate, patchouli, musk, bourbon vanilla

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It smells like orange and chocolate, just like it promises. For me it is less orange blossom and more juicy orange fruit, like a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice and a mug of cocoa next to each other, the peel and the cocoa giving that slight bitterness in the background. It is well made, and a pleasant, comforting smell, just not something I'd choose to wear, I think. I am considering putting a bit of orange oil in my next cup of cocoa, though.
22nd July 2020
Very strong on the opening, like pure alcohol. Unable to distinguish any notes for the first minute, and then it becomes a sweet dark chocolate-exactly what you'd expect. I'm unsure as to whether or not California chocolate has any citrus elements, but here you get a good dose of orange and grapefruit.

Personally, chocolate and citrus isn't my favorite combination and I find the grapefruit/yuzu notes to be a bit too sharp in conjunction with one another. They don't seem to find the proper balance and muddle together:the backdrop of musk doesn't help make it more distinguishable as the scent enters its later phases.

I love Olympic Orchids but this is not my favorite offering. If you have nostalgia, or a like, for chocolate and oranges then this may be for you: however, for me the notes becomes too conjoined to shine on their own and fail to give the scent an identity.

8th May 2019

Smells like one of those chocolate Christmas oranges, flavored with citrus, that you smack on the table to "open." Love it, it's very simple - citrus and chocolate intermingled. It's great on a cool, foggy night. I like to wear this when my mood is foul or grumpy and I need a positive boost. It really is just that happy.
25th August 2017