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PK Perfumes (2012)

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My second try of PK Perfumes, Café Diem, is a fragrance which scarcely smells like coffee in its opening but develops somewhat of a coffee character as it dries down. From its onset, it’s a crossover between a fresh spicy and a warm spicy fragrance, slightly sweet, slightly boozy in a whiskey sort of way, but overall not that heavy or dense.

As is often the case, it opens a little sharper and dries down to be more balanced, but still with some of the spicy elements, a curious mix of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and other familiar players. The note list is quite long!

Overall, I quite like Café Diem, especially when it dries down, at which point it feels a bit more in balance. I’d recommend it as a boozy, slightly coffee-laden alternative to some of the powerhouses, too, since while it’s not transparent or weak, it’s definitely not a powerhouse in a way that many might find prohibitive. Density-wise, it’s more in line with Legendary Fragrances Barista than Kerosene Follow or Sebastiane Espresso Royale in terms of coffee scents.

Still, it’s a reasonable value in that $2/ml range that I find appropriate for niche/indie offerings, sold only through the PK website, I believe. The pricing for Café Diem is $125/$85/$55 for 60ml/30ml/15ml and samples are available on the website.

I’ve a decent amount of coffee-intensive and boozy scents so while I tend to like many such fragrances, I’m inherently a bit discriminating when it comes to new ones, so I’ll be trying Café Diem some more, but it’s very pleasant and one I’d recommend everyone looking into. 2 tries from PK so far, and both are solid offerings.

7 out of 10
Nov 5, 2019

Stardate 20190811:

Opens with galbanum, incensne , amber, spices and musk. As it settles down I get some Hinoki and coffee too.
It is right in my wheelhouse. Sweet and spicy incense.
If you like CdG incense series or MadHat's Incenses you will like this one too.

FBW and Thumbs up
Aug 12, 2019

Wow. This stuff is really good.

There's a backbone of clary sage and coriander that reminds me of X For Men, but made rich with cedar and frankincense, while a roasted coffee smell gives a dark uplift to everything. Over time, it fades to creamy frankincense and leathery, smoky burnt woods.

Smelled blind, I would have assumed this was a Clive Christian or a better-than-average Amouage. For those of you who scour these reviews looking for hidden inexpensive gems, this is definitely one. You can get a little bottle of Cafe Diem for under $20 and you can see I'm comparing it to $350 perfumes...

PS: I know I've said this about two PK Perfumes now - I swear I'm not affiliated! I'm just a new fan!
Aug 5, 2016

I am always vastly disappointed when a perfumer uses a plethora of ingredients for a scent, receives praise on the expert mix, and then my nose experiences but one note, and an unpleasant one at that.

Such is the case with Paul Kiler's Cafe Diem - 24 ingredients and all my nose can detect is a very harsh, very dry, very sharp cypress note.

From other praiseworthy reviews of this scent on the internet, I know it must be my nose and not the scent itself, but my rating must be based on my own experience.

Hence the neutral.

I have a sampler pack of ten scents from PK Perfumes and do hope the rest of my experience is better than my first.
Jan 6, 2015

This is a very nice scent. I don't usually like scents with food notes, but this is very well done. Starts with accurate sage and wormwood herbal notes. Subtle dry spices develop, mostly of a peppery nature. The cinnamon is well blended (thankfully) and is not a strong note. Attractive resins from the cypress, olibanum, and incense base. The dry aspects are counterbalanced by some opulent boozy notes of the absinthe and smokey whisky. The vanilla is not problematic at all (thankfully). Almost a leather note at times in the dry-down. Pleasant woods emerge from time to time. Incense notes develop in the later dry-down. Well done!
Nov 10, 2014

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