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    • Coffee, Green Tea, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Vanilla Cream

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The first seconds of this fragrance gave me a great pleasure - choux pastry and coffee! But, only a few minutes later it began to get on my nerves - I had to wash it off. As a room freshener, perhaps, it would do, as someone else has mentioned, but as an actual perfume to wear, it's a no. Yes, cafes smell like pastry and coffee, but I would have much more preferred a metaphorical interpretation of the cafe atmosphere.
8th January 2012
Cafe open with sweet notes of chocolate, and what smells like crusty almond-coated pastry. There's a hint of coffee, sweetened with vanilla cream. The scent conjurs up relaxed and contented feelings. I can't help but smile! As it wears, the flavors rise warmly from the skin sometimes as individual notes, and then all melted into one creamy chord. Perhaps you can hear the soft murmur of the Cafe patron's voices, clinking silver on porcelain, the expresso machine's whoosh. A cool breeze ruffles the newspapers, and you tug your sweater more closely around you. The seemingly simplicitnous of the fragrance renders it comforting. As Cafe dries down, it becomes less sweet and a slightly tart, chocolate-truffle-cocoa-coating note lingers. Cafe is a deliciously warm, quietly-gourmand, skin scent. Two thumbs up...I love this.
14th November 2009

Creativity abounds! This fun gourmand from Neil Morris represents the smells of an outdoor cafe'. Beside the sweets and dark roasted coffee, there is the smell of late summer heat and touch of greenery. The later reminiscent of Ralph Lauren's Safari! I'm with Nukapai, don't think it's in for regular wear, but it is an enjoyable olfactory delight!
19th October 2008
Very accurate patisserie scent; almost exactly like the Crabtree & Evelyn patisserie room fragrance I was recommended to buy for selling my house (apparently if you spray some around, viewers are more likely to buy). I think this is fun, but not a perfume I would wear.
10th August 2008
A sweet coffee gourmand; I can smell hazelnut pastry notes in it. I know that's not in the notes, but that's what I smell. I like this quite a bit; much more than most coffee fragrances.
9th August 2008