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Reviews of Caesars Man by Caesars World

There are 24 reviews of Caesars Man by Caesars World.

Classic barbershop-type, clean, soapy, slightly sharp (ie lavender and oakmoss dominant) scent. As others have said, it's a bit like Drakkar Noir but without the leather. It's old fashioned, not particularly complex, but I think it's pleasant. It's fine, nothing wrong with it, and I'm happy to wear it. Moderate longevity and sillage, which is good for this type of scent, and great value for money. I like the name too - makes me feel like a Roman soldier :)
June 2016
Jun 15, 2016

Caesar's Man, what to say about this classic 80's fragrance? Well, as you may have heard, it is VERY similar (like a cheap knockoff) to Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche. The opening is sharp and intense, loud and even somewhat harsh and offensive. The top notes give off aromatic woods, citrus, lavender, and oak moss. These notes remain strong and powerful, with little to no dry down over the first 30 minutes. It is VERY synthetic smelling, not at all natural or easy on the nose.

After about an hour this chemical beast settles down and mellows out, then it goes into pure Drakkar Noir territory. Very masculine and dark, lavender with a touch of incense and leather. This sweet spot lasts about two more hours, and then for whatever reason the party's over and it's faintly present. This is not a eau de toilette, just a cologne spray. It has very little sillage and as such has some serious performance issues.

It projects like a monster for about two hours, then dies down dramatically fast afterwards. Longevity on skin and clothes for me tops out at about four hours maximum. Perfect for a quick date, or night out at the bar or nightclub, or a sweaty casino (Vegas baby). It's incredibly powerful in the first two hours, so it's perfect for those. But for anything more than a few hours, you may want to carry a spare bottle with you to reapply as it fades pretty fast.

For the price, this could absolutely deserve a spot in your collection for rarity and display purposes. The bottle design and intensity of this fragrance is spectacularly 80's, and as such it's an inexpensive keepsake that you should pick up and keep on the shelf. Every now and then, you throw on your black leather sports jacket, v-neck shirt, jeans and leather oxfords, bath yourself in this and hit the bar, cigar and lighter in hand, unshaven and looking for and smelling like trouble.

OR, just spend ten more dollars and buy Drakkar Noir. It has infinitely better sillage and longevity. This is a complete waste of money unless you are a collector and desire it for that purpose.
Jan 21, 2016

I've had what I imagine to be the current formulation of Drakkar Noir on my shelf - a mini bottle of it - for a while now, and I rarely reach for it. The bigger bottle I have of it has been retired to the closet's swap stash. I really never use it, but since the mini bottle is so small, and it's really not a bad fragrance, it's managed to keep its place.

I had read on here in several spots that Caesars Man is very similar to the vintage version of Drakkar Noir. Seeing as it's pretty accessible including in price, I was curious enough to try, and grateful that I did! I have no basis for comparison to the vintage formulation of Drakkar Noir. I do smell the similarity to the current formulation, but this is smoother yet with more character and personality, much more wearable. I enjoy it!
Jan 29, 2015

Manly & 2 strong like drakkar noirBasically a copy of Drakkar Noir. very Manly but 2 strong 4 me to wear.Pros: lasts all dayCons: Not Original"
Sep 17, 2013

Vintage Drakkar Noir In A Bottle...

Caesars Man opens with a gentle aromatic lavender and herb-laced citric bergamot with faint traces of slightly soapy oakmoss rising all the way from the base. As it enters the early heart phase the lavender remains along with the now much more prominent slightly soapy oakmoss joining green slightly astringent coniferous accord with a semi-sweet almost candied amber undertone. The fragrance remains linear through the late dry-down as it stays green through the end as the lavender finally fades late. Projection is excellent and longevity is outstanding at 12+ hours on skin.

I could wax-on as to all the characteristics I love and admire about powerhouse extraordinaire Caesars Man like its slightly soapy aromatic herbal green nature, but the truth is the composition really is extremely similar to vintage Drakkar Noir and if you have sniffed that classic you should have a very good idea what Caesars Man smells like. I *will* say that while I don't know how old my recently acquired bottle is, but I am very impressed as to the amount of oakmoss that is readily apparent on first sniff here, only gaining in intensity as time passes. No, this is not a huge oakmoss bomb like vintage Captain Molyneux, but there is plenty of the real stuff in here for sure. The bottom line is Caesars Man does not break any new ground, instead copying one of the all-time greats... extremely well. As 120ml bottles of Caesars Man can be had from discounters for approximately $15, acquiring this "excellent" smelling 4 star out of 5 rated powerhouse is a relatively easy decision for powerhouse fans (assuming you don't already own vintage Drakkar Noir).

Pros: An amazing amount of oakmoss that I didn't think was still possible... Outstanding performance metrics and value.
Cons: Lacks innovation.
Jul 15, 2013

clean and refreshing I enjoy this frag. Very clean and smells better then many newer expensive scents. For 8.99 for 4 oz its a steal...lasts a long time and is not harsh to my nose.Pros: inexpensiveCons:
Jun 11, 2013

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