Cactus Garden 
Louis Vuitton (2019)

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The opening of Cactus Garden shows the lemongrass with tart lemon peel aroma and almost a lime green mint note as well. The mint fades fast and also the lemongrass loses strength quickly as it blends into the dry leafy Mate tea aroma. Through most of the wear this doesn't smell like cactus, and is not green smelling like the bottle color would indicate, but has a dry herbal tea note at the end - exactly like a fresh cup of mate tea with a spritz of lemon. The herbal tea warmth makes this a very easy scent to wear. Totally enjoyable. Rating 7 of 10.
May 1, 2021

Beautiful, fresh tea and orange based fragrance that lasts for ever and a day. Really exquisite blending that needs to be tested at least. Another summer hit from this House.
Jul 2, 2019

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