Cabotine Rose 
Grès (2003)

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Reviews of Cabotine Rose by Grès

There are 10 reviews of Cabotine Rose by Grès.

I thought this was a rose scent but there is no rose in it! Bit deceptive. I wanted a light rose to layer with more expensive rose perfumes I have. Must always read the list of notes in future! I am a new perfume addict so I blame it on lack of experience.
Nov 29, 2017

disregard the price.this is a true rose scent.solid but not little girl or old lady-ish.great to layer.i spray it on my legs and wear a little fracas elsewhere....
the bottle is classic and feels expensive.
Jul 24, 2016

A delicious scent. Very summer and a delightful surprise. Cabotine Rose is nothing like the horrid Tea Rose I was expecting to find. The perfume is perfect for daytime and makes me feel refreshed and happy. Mimosa is there and after a re-spray at the end of the day I found a pleasant soap like fragrance. Clean and fresh! Uplifting.
Mar 27, 2013

Sometimes I can be a bit of a perfume snob, but in regards to Cabotine Rose, ignore the price tag as it is no reflection on the quality and the smell itself.

Cabotine Rose is an extremely pleasant fruity rose with soapy nuances. It's cheerful, girly and quite delicious.

Black currant and pear really tickles the nose in the opening, followed by a fresh, pink rose bud, peony, soapy florals and a dash of pepper to add some character.

This fragrance makes me think of babies, pink doll's houses and kid's shampoos for some reason. I think this is partly because my mother used to wash my hair with an Avon rose-scented baby shampoo when I was younger. I think I later washed my doll's hair with this same shampoo, so all my toys smelt of fruity and clean roses.

The lasting strength of Cabotine Rose is quite impressive, lingering softly on the skin for hours. I highly recommend this fragrance if you're looking for something crisp, rosey and polite.
Apr 9, 2012

Cheep but cheerful. I found it for $7.99 on sale so I had to try it.
I won't buy again, but probably will use the bottle I've got.
Feb 17, 2012

Very pretty cherry blossom scent. Much nicer than my Body Shop Cherry Blossom and cheaper to boot! If you are after a mimosa flag I recommend this
Jan 27, 2012

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