Cabotine Rose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cherry blossom, pear, green leaves
  • Heart

    • pikake, peony, mimosa, green pepper
  • Base

    • plumeria, sandalwood, vetiver, musks

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Latest Reviews of Cabotine Rose

Cabotine Rose is actually a very well made rose-perfume. Since the beginning you smell the Rose in a simple, fresh, feminine yet strong way. It is in the same vein as Swarovski Aura, Burberry Body.

The drydown is at the musk end of the scale; a little woody. The rose is a fresh, sweet, pink, innocent kind of rose, not a sultry rose. The cherry reenforces that "dewy fresh" note. But, again, it is the mimosa that really skews the composition, giving it a little vanilla, deepening the rose, and lending a slight almond nuance. In Cabotine Rose, seemingly light floral notes work together to enhance and deepen their impact.

All in all is a spring-summer rose, clean,not carnal vibe, not morphing to strange smells like many rose-based perfumes in an cheap or average range. I don’t expect it to be real rose, but it’s well made, highly wearable and suitable for many occasions.
30th August 2022
I thought this was a rose scent but there is no rose in it! Bit deceptive. I wanted a light rose to layer with more expensive rose perfumes I have. Must always read the list of notes in future! I am a new perfume addict so I blame it on lack of experience.
29th November 2017

disregard the price.this is a true rose scent.solid but not little girl or old lady-ish.great to layer.i spray it on my legs and wear a little fracas elsewhere....
the bottle is classic and feels expensive.
24th July 2016
A delicious scent. Very summer and a delightful surprise. Cabotine Rose is nothing like the horrid Tea Rose I was expecting to find. The perfume is perfect for daytime and makes me feel refreshed and happy. Mimosa is there and after a re-spray at the end of the day I found a pleasant soap like fragrance. Clean and fresh! Uplifting.
27th March 2013
Sometimes I can be a bit of a perfume snob, but in regards to Cabotine Rose, ignore the price tag as it is no reflection on the quality and the smell itself.

Cabotine Rose is an extremely pleasant fruity rose with soapy nuances. It's cheerful, girly and quite delicious.

Black currant and pear really tickles the nose in the opening, followed by a fresh, pink rose bud, peony, soapy florals and a dash of pepper to add some character.

This fragrance makes me think of babies, pink doll's houses and kid's shampoos for some reason. I think this is partly because my mother used to wash my hair with an Avon rose-scented baby shampoo when I was younger. I think I later washed my doll's hair with this same shampoo, so all my toys smelt of fruity and clean roses.

The lasting strength of Cabotine Rose is quite impressive, lingering softly on the skin for hours. I highly recommend this fragrance if you're looking for something crisp, rosey and polite.
9th April 2012
Cheep but cheerful. I found it for $7.99 on sale so I had to try it.
I won't buy again, but probably will use the bottle I've got.
17th February 2012
Very pretty cherry blossom scent. Much nicer than my Body Shop Cherry Blossom and cheaper to boot! If you are after a mimosa flag I recommend this
27th January 2012
I have often seen Cabotine Rose held up as an unsung rose fragrance of reasonable price and excellent quality, when I saw an abandoned bottle in a discount store - I tested.

It's an industrial-strength, pink-pepper, citrus aerosol that dries down to floral soap and stays what way for hours. It definitely smells more like a mimosa, a "cherry blossom," not very "rosy" at all.

Not to my taste, but a great value if it's to yours.

21st January 2012
cabotine rose is a nice soft floral a little powdery after you wear it for a while .you'll probably need to re-spritz in 3-5 hours if you are oilly/combination,more often if dry skinned . i liked it not as strong as TEA ROSE from perfumers workshope,like TOVAH said it isn't a rose scent -but it is a nice affordable sweet floral fragrance .TJMaxx had it for $12.
18th March 2010
Lovely, cheap and cheerful. Per fragrantica, notes are: black currant, mandarin orange, cherry blossom and pear; middle notes are peony, mimose, tuberose, orange blossom, lily, pepper, jasmine and rose; base notes are sandalwood, musk, vetiver and frangipani.

This is the first frag from the house of Gres that I have really embraced. I found Cabotine screechy, loud, and unpleasantly cheap smelling, Cabochard was, too sharply green. I rather like the sniff of Cabaret, but on skin it does not seem to like me.
Cabotine Rose warmed my spirit immediately. Nicely blended and grounded, I think it moves out of the generic floral scent by the notes of black current and pepper, which keep it from becoming too cloying or sharp. And what a bargain for such a quality frag. I liked it as much as some of the very pricey niche scents and I did't have to save up for months to afford it.

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6th November 2009
Cabotine Rose isn't "rose" flower. In this fragrance, the "rose" is the word for"pink" in French...Cabotine Rose is a bright, pretty cherry blossom fragrance that, to me, blows B&BW Cherry Blossom out of the water. This is a more complex blend in the quaintest little bottle...If you like cherry blossom and you happen to find this somewhere, do give it a try.
6th December 2006