Exclusive to Japan.

Cabotine Lemon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, grapefruit, lemon
  • Heart

    • verbena, petitgrain, geranium, sage
  • Base

    • oakmoss, peach

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Latest Reviews of Cabotine Lemon

Cabochard Eau de Parfum 2019

Ohh the memories of a legendary fragrance. The queen Cabochard so far is one of my all time favorites. Compored to the original reform is diminished in power. Voluptuous and herbal. A generous chypre. Dark sticky astringent yet strangely uplifting witch's brew that will instantly transport you to a dense mossy forest. This girl is herbal, slightly bitter, but somehow very fresh in a way that doesn't quite make sense to modern noses used to squeaky clean laundry musks and brash aquatics. In other words: earthy, soapy, strong and undoubtedly botanical.

The bitter galbanum and leather plays a hut nuance against the humid oakmoss and cold aldehydes feeling like having a cup of hot tea after surviving the cutscene that films a forest swirling in teror, as menacing nature trapped in an unstoppable kaleidoscope lens. One of the richest scents on the market. The perfume is an example of perfect synergy, where every ingredient adds to a more weird, complex whole. It is not for wallflowers or those who think woman should smell sweet. If you're wondering how perfumes smelled in good-old days, buy this one.dont forget fantastic price (less than 30$). It lasts for hours, even after a bath.
23rd February 2021