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Cabotine by Grès

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Cabotine is a women's perfume launched in 1990 by Grès

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Reviews of Cabotine by Grès

There are 61 reviews of Cabotine by Grès.

Cheap and cheerful Cabotine (EDT) with its handsome bottle and broccoli hat, is a succulent, green floral radiant with effervescent aldehydes and a panoply of florals, including hyacinth. I also pick up a good dose of both coriander and ginger lily (as opposed to ginger, as appears on the notes pyramid). With my familiarity with the scent of ginger lily through its absolute, they reproduced its essence quite remarkably. Ginger Lily (Hedychium coronarium) grows naturally in the Himalaya regions of India and Nepal. With hints of honey and melon, there is this somewhat overripened seductiveness to it, and its contrast with the alipathic aldehydes and green notes makes the top through the heart unique to Cabotine.

For all of its spring effulgence, the florals are extended into the base by a civet that is ever so subtle but present enough so that Cabotine is not resolutely clean, almost imparting a certain buttery impression into its dry down. However, Cabotine retains a translucent, atmospheric character into its dry down.

For something so affordable and in current formulation, I am impressed with its quality—there was definitely care and attention to preserve the integrity of this 32 year old release (Gres releases are now in the care of Lalique Beauty).

Cheap and lovely... Lots of compliments.

On my skin, the projection of this stuff is positively nuclear, I can't decide if I like it or hate it, it's too loud to hear anything clearly.

But.... on my husband it's not loud or screeching, something is blending into a note that's reminiscent of lily of the valley cold process soap. A neutral rating seems fair, I suspect this fragrance performs very differently on different skin types so I'm keeping an open mind on this cheapie.

I should love this. There are so many notes I love, especially since I've now acquired a taste for heavy white florals; and this has one of the heaviest in it - tuberose! It also has so many other flowers and notes I adore. Surely a house that made another scent I love, Cabochard, couldn't possibly have made something so utterly awful? Sadly, to me it is.

While not the vulgar monstrosity Luca Turin makes it out to be in his review book of perfumes, and I won't go so far as to describe it as "vile" like he does, (and honestly, there are some scents where I can use that word), it is nonetheless off-putting and borderline offensive to me. The dry down smells like a bar of soap my nephew brought back from the military used to disinfect and delouse refugees fleeing war before entering the safety of the UN camps. Ugh!

I really envy those who smell this differently than I do. I'm sure it smells wonderful on them too. It just doesn't on me and to me, though I really, really, tried.

Syrupy floral with a ginger note and a brutal piquant overtone.
Cabotine was never much good, so how it survived when better things have gone is a mystery, one that can only be explained by "pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap".

Initially there is a floral blast with a big dose of something ozonic/fresh. Like a big steel spiny ball of fresh. It hurts for the first hour.
Relegating this to the downstairs washroom.

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