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Cabochard by Grès

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Cabochard is a women's perfume launched in 1959 by Grès

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Reviews of Cabochard by Grès

There are 74 reviews of Cabochard by Grès.

@Colbourne's review is so accurate that there isn't much I can add. The 2019 formulation brings back as much of the original as possible and is glorious, including the stunning bottle. Finally, some real competition to Bandit!

Buy a bottle before the mess it up again.

This is my all-time, absolute favourite, even if I don't wear it on a daily basis. I love the lush florals, nearly bitter leather and moss, the asafoetida pinch, the galbanum, just about everything. It envelops me in the winter with a warm, rich blanket of florals, I relish in its intriguing blend of leather and spice and aldehydes in the summer. Anywhere, anytime!

Smells like how you imagine Bacall would smell like in a casino in the summer. Bye-gone decadent glamour enmeshed in danger. Still, as much as I like it I think you'd smell like a psychopath if you wore it in the day-time.

One of my first entries into the unisex world of fragrances originally marketed specifically to the female gender, Cabochard holds a big place in my heart. It was my introduction to the leather chypre, the magic of IBQ in a fragrance, and the sparkle of aldehydes. The 2019 EDP resurrection of sorts, is stellar. A necessary formulation due to the tyranny of IFRA, the integrity of Chant's composition has been preserved and this is an improvement on the several previous incarnations. This EDP in particular is smooth, crystalline, and without any of the jarring spikes or rough edges that may have been the set back of more recent reforms. That bitter green galbanum is still there, and the floral and patchouli seem more natural. The oakmoss obviously needed to be scaled back, but somehow, the reconstruction used does not compromise this indispensable note. What wizardry, because that has proven to be very difficult these days.

I recently watched an interview with perfumer Miguel Matos that he was one of the consultants for these reforms, and I must say, he was a great choice due to his comprehensive knowledge and deeper understanding of the construction of these classics. Also, the Lalique bottle gives Cabochard the splendor and honor that it has long deserved.

Got a deal on some old stuff from that one website. My first dance with aesofetida; thought I my bottle had turned. It took a good 3-4 months of returning to it before my patience and my improved olfactory palate allowed me to really sense and appreciate what was going on.

There could still maybe be some spent top notes but I’ll be damned, this is magnificent. Been going through some truly dark times lately and I can’t imagine a better companion than to occasionally get a whiff of this on my collar. It says with aplomb “cest la vie” and with that single notion picks me up off the floor and, with a leather boot firmly in in my ass, pushes me me forward towards where I was inevitably destined.

God bless Bernard Chant.

Ive been looking for this frag a long time. I like the old, heavy frags. Very intense, dusky, heavy, and as mentioned in some previous comments, even could be offensive and headache inducing for some others. The smell of someone carrying flowers, wearing leather and having a cheeky fag at the same time


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