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There are 70 reviews of Cabochard by Grès.

Got a deal on some old stuff from that one website. My first dance with aesofetida; thought I my bottle had turned. It took a good 3-4 months of returning to it before my patience and my improved olfactory palate allowed me to really sense and appreciate what was going on.

There could still maybe be some spent top notes but I’ll be damned, this is magnificent. Been going through some truly dark times lately and I can’t imagine a better companion than to occasionally get a whiff of this on my collar. It says with aplomb “cest la vie” and with that single notion picks me up off the floor and, with a leather boot firmly in in my ass, pushes me me forward towards where I was inevitably destined.

God bless Bernard Chant.
Oct 15, 2021

Ive been looking for this frag a long time. I like the old, heavy frags. Very intense, dusky, heavy, and as mentioned in some previous comments, even could be offensive and headache inducing for some others. The smell of someone carrying flowers, wearing leather and having a cheeky fag at the same time

Mar 30, 2019

Since that great actress Rosalind Russell was a lover of chypre fragrances, I wonder if she wore Cabochard. Anyway, it is a beautiful fragrance. Since Bandit has been reformulated and isn't as strong or leathery/petrol-like, I think I'll be wearing Cabochard EdP now. I have the original Bandit EdT and the newer EdP, and the EdT lasts longer than the EdP and the sillage is a monster for the EdT. I've got two bottles of the vintage Bandit EdT left, and I will be using those very sparingly and on special occasions (or a night of partying on the town). Although Cabochard may not be the sillage monster that Bandit EdT is, perhaps it will become more concentrated with time and will reach that level after spending a few years on the shelf. That's why I bought 11 bottles of Cabochard EdP.
Mar 27, 2019

This is for the EDP. A beautiful aldehydic leather. The notes are very similar to Aramis obviously, but with a sweeter opening. I get the fruity notes on application along with a hint of dry tarragon.
I'm a bloke btw, so it may seem different on my skin, or not. But either way, I deem this to be, as all 'fumes will soon be, completely unisex. Truth be told that's why I got it (along with Tabu, Aromatics elixir etc.). Reviews here and elsewhere from experienced perfume lovers tell of how well these reacts to male chemistry and that's what I'm finding. For what it's worth, I'm in the camp that believes fragrances have no gender they're just marketed toward one or the other, and often bought so 'I' can 'be that'. So it's down to money (for the manucaturers) and identity (for the end-user).
Anyhow, Cabochard smells great on me. Lasts well too. There's quite a floral mid to it, but the spicy leather/tobacco vibe is prominent throughout, as is the sparkly/soapy aldehyde buzz, even into the mossy cream drydown.
A lovely perfume for us all.
Feb 7, 2019

I owned this decades ago. I liked it then. I haven't tried any modern version, nor will I seek it.

I recently tried it again, from a vintage sample. It has time-travel, top notes. I definitely remember this. Big galbanum and sage take the spotlight. Green, and nearly bitter. Dirt-dark jasmine and musty ylang in the heart. Orris and rose play old-fashioned games. Geranium is the wallflower here.

The base has a moss, woody, slight green, and leathery tinge. Slight musky, animal accord. Get your hands on vintage, to experience this. I'm sure the reform versions suck.
Dec 10, 2018

Dusty leather, white flowers and an extinguished cigarette after the rain. It has a kind of fresh/damp/wet feeling to it. Different and unisex at a bargain price tag. EDT and EDP are almost identical albeit the latter has a stronger punch including better sillage and longevity.
Nov 7, 2018

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