Ayala Moriel (2004)

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Cabaret by Ayala Moriel

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Cabaret is a women's perfume launched in 2004 by Ayala Moriel

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Reviews of Cabaret by Ayala Moriel

There are 2 reviews of Cabaret by Ayala Moriel.

Tasty, light rose and powdery heart on a mild, sweet base. Enjoyable but quickly overpowered by my skin. I need a stronger concentration.

I received a small sample of Cabaret in a swap. At first sniff I thought, this is too "busy" for me (I have a low tolerance for any spice, preferring soft floral scents). Upon my first trial wearing, I noticed an opening rose note, and in a short time a totally new fragrance made itself evident to me. It must be the massoia bark! The next time I wore Cabaret, it seemed like I flew right past the other notes and zoomed in on the massoia. Funny how, even though massoia is a scent peculiar to itself, it connotes wood--amazing how our nose/brain know to classify such things. I don't know how much the amber and vanilla are sweetening this new-to-me ingredient, but the effect is very compelling. I'd like Cabaret as a potpourri. The fragrance is just moderately long-lived on me. In sum, I'm very eager to try more Ayala scents.

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