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Clive Christian (2010)

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C for Men by Clive Christian

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C for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 2010 by Clive Christian

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Reviews of C for Men by Clive Christian

There are 19 reviews of C for Men by Clive Christian.

Yes, Tuscan Leather ... but better. Smooth, sweet, smoky leather. There are many variations of this theme out there now, but this one to me is the best rendition. Perfect for this late fall weather, heading into the holidays.

CC'C' is another pleasant, well-constructed and opulent leather along the lines of AdP Colonia Leather, Cuir Sacre, Tuscan Leather, La Yuqawam, and many others. Frequent readers of my reviews - hi both! - may be aware that I am the proud owner of a large bottle of Colonia Leather, as purchased by Mrs FWF. It is her comments on CC'C' that perhaps provide most purchase here.

To start with, her thought was that I was wearing my "Christmas" scent that she likes so much. I told her this was not the case and to sniff again. After some surprise that two fragrances could be so similar (I told her it's not that unusual), she managed to detect some of the differences. CC'C', then, is more purely leather, has less birch, and more tobacco. Although far more notes are listed than detectable, it does have that dry-red-fruit type of accord going on, which is more notable in Tuscan Leather than in the AdP. It is more A to B than the latter, which turns the usual progression upside down somewhat. There is a hint of resin here. The drydown is soft and very comforting, with none of the harshness that comparable leathers can provide.

As usual with CC, there's nothing wrong with the quality. However, given that the Venn diagram of the notes shows more similarity with a series of fragrances such as those above than it does with their respective prices, I wonder what the appeal of this scent will be other than to die-hard fans. However, props to the house for making sampling fairly accessible.

Like all Clive Christian creations "C" is a really high quality, excessively constructed, and exhorbitantly priced fragrance. "C" is quite nice, masculine and yet fairly easy to wear, leaning slightly towards formal. While a pleasant scent, it's damn near impossible to pick out any individual notes or accords and for my taste I find it boring and missing identity. Nice, smells elegant, not worth the price and completely unremarkable. Still I can give it a thumbs up though.

CC is pricey, but CC delivers on complexity and quality. Leather, Tea and Tobacco take a whole slew of wood n florals for a ride.

Here's my test experience for "C" for Men by Clive Christian:

Mmm, opening smells of wet tobacco. Evidently, there are smidgens of citrus fruit peels present here (mandarin and lemon), along with some regular and green tea (familiar from my personal drinking devotion to all things tea). I am overwhelmed by the number of floral elements that went into "C" that I am ignorant to recognize individually, except for some jasmine, rose, and labdanum (rock rose).

Those plus thyme add subtle edges to the initial tea sensation (the wet tobacco start has faded greatly), creating a dry spicy vibe echoing cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.

A glance at the basenote ingredients is like a who's who of solid, agreeable foundational elements. Tobacco remains moderately present along with a pair-up with moderate leather; a nice crumble of bright oud wafting within, along with dry spiffy whiffs of cedar; a modern tip of the hat with touches of smoky tonka bean; dry patchouli-like mossiness rising up like the early dawn; amber also adding a fairly modern presence; vanilla injecting spicy sweetness; and some kind of subtle muskiness dancing within the haze of this crowded conconction. (I can't say if the elemi resin, olibanum, costus, guiacwood, cypress and orris show up, as I am ignorant of what they smell like.)

Ultimately, "C" for men by CC falls into the tobacco-leather-woody-spice category of scents. I can see how it can be off-putting for some. But there is enough in this creation that I recognize and enjoy, esp. leaning in the tobacco note arena. It appears to be designed more for older 30 somethings and older, for the more laid back, solemnly appointed man who like smelling mature even if it could alienate younger smellers.

A thumbs up for this busy, but IMO likable scent from CC! :-)

Clive Christian C, stinks! Has like a base chemical synthetic smell. Nothing fancy or attractive, and gives me a headache. I literally don't see who would be attracted to the smell of this, unless you are ultra wealthy and ,your nose is accustomed to this type of Smell? Eugh! I am still tempted to try out their other scents though, just not as tempted as before this experience.

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