By Woman fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian clementine, bergamot, living muguet, purple cyclamen
  • Heart

    • living ginger lily needle, living tiger lily, pittosporum
  • Base

    • living vanilla orchard, vanilla bourbon, brazilian coffee, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk.

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Unusual scent with a honeysweet Clementine citrus balanced with bitter acidic Bergamot, whispers of Lily of the Valley and Cyclamen offering a watery softness. Ginger Lily spicy and slightly Indolic draws my interest in to a green Vanilla(ed)Coffee Bean and Sandal dryness.
Out of production Niche of the day!
As good as By Man is, this is better!
7th September 2016
This is my absolute favorite scent of all times! I've been on the hunt for something similar since it's been discontinued but I cannot find anything that smells like this. Very unique. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
30th October 2013

As I was feeling a little nostalgic recently, I decided to hunt down this perfume and was rather disappointed to discover it now appears to be discontinued. I was certainly only able to source it from internet auction sites and the like. The reason for the nostalgia is that this perfume was the first 'real' perfume I owned, at the age of 18 when it first came out, and was bought for me by my first 'real' boyfriend. I remember finding the smell intriguing, sexy and above all, warm and inviting. I also loved the funky packaging, which seemed to symbolise a playful, teasing sexuality. This is certainly a young scent and now I'm entering my 30s, my tastes are quite different although I do still have a soft spot for this and wish they would keep it on the shelves a little longer. My boyfriend at the time was as besotted with this smell as he was me as far as I could tell and in fact bought the men's version to match! Well, we were very young! The men's version was less exciting I must say, quite average and indistinguishable from the crowd of smell-alike aftershaves around in the 90s (although the packaging certainly made it stand out). In conclusion, a great perfume and I would advise anyone to give it a whiff if they get chance.
18th November 2009
Smokin' black rubber.. An incredibly sultry powerful perfume quite capable of staying 10 hours but becoming simmeringly sexier and sweetly smokier. Strongly animalistic in a leopard-tiger-lioness way. I don't wear it very often,like Shalimar, but when I do I am infused with its power and optimism. .
2nd August 2008
Very sexy in the great European tradition. This smells like a grown up, self-assured woman who knows what she wants - and goes after it. If Lovely epitomizes Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie in Sex and the City, then By would be worn by Samantha. First impression is relatively bright and perky, but it doesn't take long for the inner growl to emerge. After it's had a chance to settle, it smells like a coffee/bourbon/sandalwood second skin, with the florals making a subtle appearance now and then. The vanilla is there, but very restrained, just giving the composition a round smoothness. Very chic, no trace of "old lady" here. I'm loving it, and going to purchase a big bottle soon.
7th July 2008
This is one of my favorite perfumes that confounds the laws of nature and "the art of a scent of a woman", as on me it is absolutely delectable. Ifind men sniffing around me and women frowning when they find out this gourmand, on me, is very sweet, yet sexy is BY. And I don't know how, as this is a very sultry perfume. Definitely Not for the shy-girl.
19th October 2007
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