Butterfly Flower fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black tea, tangerine, cyclamen, banana leaf
  • Heart

    • maxillaria tenufolia orchid, asian syringa flower, french mimosa
  • Base

    • coconut milk, musk

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A good compromise between smelling too "old" or too "young."; I have the EdT, and I can understand the appeal of this one, though if you smell it up close on the skin it has an odd, latex-like quality. It's not too sweet, or floral, or fruity. Instead, it's a very nice, balanced composition, without the "symphonic" quality of many older florals (so it doesn't come across as "old lady"). I see this as excellent for the office or school, particularly in warmer weather. I have a bit over an ounce I can swap, as it's not "unisex" enough for me (USA only). "
12th June 2013
I have the Fragrant Water splash, the bath bubbles, and the lotion, not the edt, but together they manage to convey the tropical floral lushness of this scent, which has a very detectable banana note, in addition to the mimosa, syringa, and orchid. For BBW this seems pretty good to me. It has a big fat billowy floral quality which would appeal to those who like FIDJI or FRACAS. Not that it matters, since it has already been discontinued. Too bad, but I understand, since something this declarative would probably not appeal to the BBW crowd, most of whom are probably looking for inoffensive fruity frags. Further evidence would be the discontinuation of both VELVET TUBEROSE and ENCHANTED ORCHID--also rather big floral frags, and really nice in the body cream.

Anyway, I'll enjoy my BUTTERFLY FLOWER (and VELVET TUBEROSE and ENCHANTED ORCHID...) bath and body products--while they last!
21st July 2011

Tried the scented lotion (which in BBW stuff is usually something you'll want if you want longevity) smelled like melon .I think it was a cantaloupe or honeydew -either way =BLEAH!!!
As I don't like either one very much for eating or smelling.I washed it off with some Country Apple handwash which was much nicer.
This is being discontinued now -6/25/2011 ,and although it has a pretty bottle the scent isn't something I'll cry about missing.
Supposedly this should smell of Honeysuckle and Gardinia -not on my skin !
Maybe it should have been marketed as a melon scent .Maybe better on others -maybe not.I'll definitely PASS.
26th June 2011