Business Over Pleasure fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Sichuan Pepper, Bergamot, Coriander
  • Heart

    • Lemon Verbena, Lily of the Valley, Cashmere Wood, Florentine Iris, Ginger
  • Base

    • Guaiac Wood, Palo Santo, Tonka, Musk, Patchouli, Amber

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This is my very first try of Business Over Pleasure by TLTG Reviews x Zaharoff, one of the recent releases of the Zed Creators collaboration with Zaharoff. Business Over Pleasure overtly has some of the DNA of the original Zaharoff Signature's fresh/sweet/spicy mix, but blended with a bit a fresh floral almost cocktail-like side to it. It's a little fresher, smoother, and less sharp than the original Signature while being comparably sweet, and it strikes me instantly as a more warm-weather-friendly variation to enjoy, for example, in the current hot summer than many of us in the US are experiencing.

Looking at the note breakdown between BOP and Signature, there are common notes of iris, patchouli, amber, and ginger–not a ton of overlap–with some of the key substitutions (in my vague estimation) being that the lavender being removed from the original represents a movement toward a less sharp opening. The sweet elements are similar but BOP is a little less creamy than Signature as it dries down. Both have a strong floral heart, though, with a delicate use of iris, not too heavy-handed.

As Ross Carlos describes in his YouTube video focusing on the fragrance, some of the touches are quite subtle (he notes the guaiac wood and palo santo in the base), and I'd throw the iris in the bit, as its inclusion does not lead to a buttery or powdery result but rather a bright white floral element that stands out while not overshadowing the spices (ginger, pepper, coriander) or woody/sweet/resinous dry down component.

Business Over Pleasure is priced at $119 for 60ml in EDP concentration, and seems to perform quite well, perhaps not quite as well as Signature or Signature Noir or The Siren, but comparably enough, especially considering its slightly fresher character.

In conclusion, I have to step back and figure that my reaction to BOP would be the same as when I tried Zaharoff Signature itself for the first time last year, even though I'm noting some of the shared DNA and comparing the two. BOP is instantly innovative yet practical, and I want to wear it more and more. In the vein of Signature, it feels like highly-interesting take on a modern men's signature scent but it's not stereotypically masculine per se, and I expect that anyone could enjoy this.

8 out of 10
20th July 2021