Business Man 
Panouge (1989)

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Business Man by Panouge

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Business Man is a men's fragrance launched in 1989 by Panouge

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Reviews of Business Man by Panouge

There are 1 reviews of Business Man by Panouge.

This obscurity from the forgotten house of Panouge caught my eye by appearance alone and I had to satiate my curiosity. "Business Man" is a rather droll name for such marvelous aromatic fougère which opens with my favorite: a sharp, bracing, wormwood-like artemisia note that was a staple of the time.

Here, it is amped up to 11 and sustains as all sorts of herbaceous loveliness comes to the fore: a manly herb garden, sprigs upon sprigs of tarragon and thyme. I suppose naming it "Victory Gardener" wouldn't have had the same connotation of 80s auspiciousness.

Twenty minutes in, the citrus at the top subsides while geranium and cedar, which have a great synergy I've observed, sing through the herbs, with a subtle jasmine supporting the harmony.

While the drydown shows evidence of the usual suspects, oakmoss, patchouli and leather, the overarching player here though is MUSK. I am willing to bet there are some outlawed nitro-musks in this bad boy, as they are astoundingly profound and awe-inspiringly rich; plenty of fauna to accompany the flora.

This fougère was NOT neutered, we will just say.

I would hazard to say this actually rivals the Paco Rabannes, the Azzaros, the Oscar de la Rentas in the pantheon of yesteryear power-fougères. What a delightful discovery.


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