Burberry the Beat fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Cardamom, Pink Pepper
  • Heart

    • Ceylon Tea, Iris, Bluebell
  • Base

    • White Musk, Vetiver, Cedarwood

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The bergamot in the opening is providing a fresh and bright starting point, which is counterbalanced by a soft white pepper that lacks any serious spiciness on me.

A light tea note leads to the floral core notes where iris and a few whiffs of muguet are notable, but they are quite restrained and never cloyingly sweet.

The base is characterised by the presence of a woodsy note, which is rather nonspecific, and the familiar white musk concoction that is used by many houses as an adaptable way of closing a fragrance.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant spring creation than is pleasant and agreeable and a bit more vibrant than the male version, but too generic to truly make its mark in the positive realm of the scoring board. 2.75/5.
17th May 2018
Tomboy temptations.
Clear, white-sugar floral with
Poachable pepper.

15th November 2017

This is lovely, a fresh floral scent that's still unique and not too sweet.

It would be perfect, if not for the odd ozonic note in the drydown that in combination with other everyday smells sometimes strikes me as a bit "fishy".
15th May 2015
My definition of this one is a modern & cheerful scent.THE BEAT has promising notes that makes it different and more popular than male version.appealing, fresh,young,enjoyable,soft,woody,musky and innocent.

This modern perfume is a combination of sweet (Not too sweet) and fresh notes. It begines with a pleasant citruses and cardamom accord however it is the musky essence.the bottle is a new design in world fragrance as It is always a nice gift.

Totally I find it another one of those well balanced scents that every young lady like it.a perfect everyday fragrance suitable for springtime and a vivacious character too.nonetheless it is not a exceptional thing for me.
15th May 2015
Burberry fragrances are usually good and easy like. "Burberry Brit for Women" is one of the most beautiful and loveable creations that I've tested in the world of women fragrances and now lets talk about this one!

This is a very good and safe choice for spring and summer. a fragrance with very pleasing fresh fruity scent that lasts good amount of time on your skin to feel refreshed all day long.

At the opening I can smell a fresh fruity scent with lots of pink pepper, a little bit of floral notes and very mellow sweetness in the background.
The fruity scent feels very fresh, but not in citrusy way. to my nose smells more like peach or apricot but very watery along with some green feeling.
The pink pepper here is strong (just like her brother The Beat for Men) and if you like pepper you will definitely enjoy it. there is a little bit of sweetness and some floral notes at the opening as well to make scent more charming.

In the mid pink pepper settles down and fruity scent gets a little stronger and a little sweeter, but still very watery and fresh.

In the base I can smell pretty the same smell but it seems the pepper note comes back again and gets stronger against the mid.
If you don't like pepper don't blind buy this!
Projection is below average at the start but it gets better in the mid and base and longevity really surprised me with around 8 hours which is really nice for a summery scent!
27th March 2015
I love Dominique Ropion, but I tend to find his group collaborations less compelling than his solo work, much of which is masterful. Same for Béatrice Piquet, may she rest in peace. I definitely do not want to suggest that in Burberry THE BEAT there were too many cooks in the kitchen–this is certainly not an unwearable mess! But I do think that this composition falls squarely into a currently crowded category of the grand olfactory map. Among other close neighbors are Calvin Klein BEAUTY and DKNY PURE.

THE BEAT is a clean musk composition with some florality and spice (cardamom) but not enough to really mark itself off as very distinct from the many other perfumes with similar compositions (albeit variations in the small details...). Another problem that I have with THE BEAT is my bête noire of dilution. I have used about half my roller ball cylinder (which I however have sprayed on, since I think that I get a better sense of a perfume through that means of application) in only two wearings. I generally dislike roller balls–with their childproof safety features making it impossible to overapply–but in this case all of the effort is for naught. Detach the roller and pour this liquid all over yourself: you will still not be over-perfumed. So, yes, the sillage is low and the longevity poor.

All of that said, I'm sure that THE BEAT would work for those looking for inoffensive clean musk compositions with a slightly oriental quality. Although this fragrance is a tad bit sweet, some guys may like it as well.
3rd October 2011
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