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    • frozen ginger, grapefruit, wheatgrass, marine breeze, red ginger, juniper berry, dry amber, cedar, soft musk

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Ginger with fresh citrus - touches of lemon combined with grapefruit with a slightly grassy sideline - make the opening phase pleasant affair. Whiffs of a marine sea breeze impression lead into the drydown, where the ginger is combined with touches of a juniper and cranberry fruitiness.

The base displays woodsy characteristics, but it is mainly grounded in a white musk impression.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice opening of this summery creation, but the subsequent development is a tad too synthetically generic. 2.75/5.
21st July 2018
I just want to say I love this fragrance! Does it last long? Not really, but it's not horrible. Does it project well? Not really but not horrible either. I feel the scent is very unique and although it's a sport scent it comes off classier and more versatile than most sport fragrances do. The ginger and grapefruit at the beginning is amazing and that ginger vibe really hangs on good for me. I get a good six or seven hours on my skin and get pretty good projection for probably three hours or so. Is it as good as Dior homme sport or allure homme sport? Performance no but it's also a lot less expensive and the scent is completely different in my opinion.
16th January 2017

Spicy, ginger opening and then just a nice, modern scent afterwards. I was surprised at the longevity I got out of this one, considering the reviews. Has more formalness to it than I was expecting with the Sport label.
1st November 2016
It's a sport fragrance based around ginger. Better than Chrome Sport, but not even close to Dior Homme Sport when it comes to smell quality. I could see it as a very casual scent to run around in, but that's about it. Smells decent on paper, but this doesn't do well on the skin. It has a bitterness to the ginger that absolutely ruins it. Doesn't project or last very long which is probably a good thing.
16th January 2015
Burberry Sport is a pretty underrated fragrance. A simple sporty fragrance here. I get a blast of grapefruit and fresh juicy ginger in the opening, that dries down into a musky cedar base. Simple, yet a bit common. Smells similar to YSL L'homme to an extent, because of the juicy ginger note. When I say "juicy ginger", think the ginger you get when you buy those prepackaged things of sushi at some grocery stores; they come with these juicy ginger slices that are so good, you could eat them plain.

Longevity is often complained with this one, but I can't complain. I get 6+ hours usually, with decent projection.
17th February 2014
Following the greenish fragrance formula of success, Burberry Sport is a well done mass market scent. Sparkling top notes, drying down to a green/spicy (in a 212 way) accord.
Noticed a metallic smell too, that brings some class to this sporty fragrance.
14th February 2014
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