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Burberry (2006)

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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

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Burberry London for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by Burberry

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Reviews of Burberry London for Men by Burberry

There are 249 reviews of Burberry London for Men by Burberry .

Pleasant enough. Smells like cinnamon, leather and wood. Has a Christmas vibe and reminds me of scented candles burning during the holiday season. The top note is dominated by cinnamon.

All of this is irrelevant because the scent is literally gone in less than an hour. I have never experienced such poor longevity. Almost like it was designed to disappear. Unless you want to reapply this hourly, stay away.

Smells nice, pleasant, and masculine. Very boozy and smokey, so it smells like "old fashioned, old man" rather than something with a youthful or strong connotation. The smell is a double thumbs up but the 15 minutes longevity is inexcusable. There's reason why this can be found for $20 for 100mL.

Instead of buying this, I suggest you pick up a clone of Layton, which in itself is a niche clone of this fragrance. A Layton clone will smell almost exactly like London but certainly last you much longer.

No disrespect in the thumbs down of the grandfather of this DNA, but there are just better options out there now than when I got this maybe 10 years ago.

I love the smell of this fragrance - it's a warm, fall/winter scent with lots of spices and tobacco. Quite similar really to Insurrection II Wild by Reyane Traditions, just minus the cherry or almond-heavy aspect to the tobacco. This is more of a straight-up light blonde tobacco, to my nose. Others say they really get the cherry or almond, but after smelling Insurrection II Wild, I can say that for me this is more just blonde tobacco. Spices are more dominant here, I get a ton of the cinnamon, which is so nice. Black pepper, bergamot, lavender all help round this out. And the drydown is nice as well, as some leather and opoponax (sweet myrrh) notes join in, and, as someone else described - I definitely get that 'cigar humidor' vibe from the drydown.

BUT (and it's a big but) it's a good thing I got a sample of this first, because this fragrance does not last on me at all. After only a minute or two (seriously) this has become a skin scent on me - I've asked people around me if they can smell the fragrance sillage within 5-10 minutes, and they cannot. And shockingly, I can't even smell the fragrance where I sprayed it directly, like 30 minutes in! So that's a huge bummer, and makes it a no-go for me, no matter how much I like the fragrance itself. Thankfully the Reyane Traditions offering outperforms this fragrance by a mile, and is close enough (though not quite as pleasant overall, it's harsher, and that cherry/almond note in the tobacco really stands out. I prefer Burberry London, which is just... pleasant.)

If Burberry made London in an edp or an extrait, I'd grab that sucker in a heartbeat. Until then, I'll just save the decant I got for the winter holiday months, when it's most appropriate. As so many people have said, it's a perfect Christmas scent, with that comforting warmth, and has earned its nickname "Christmas in a Bottle." Speaking of bottles, I do think the plaid cloth that comes on the bottle is pretty cool, it's certainly the thing that initially drew my attention to this fragrance - although in practical terms, I can see it getting dirty or messed-up rather easily. But it's cool.

Orient spices
As Occident holidays

Spice road time travel
Seen through a kaleidoscope
As flatland wonder.

It's a nice warm, spicy fragrance. Cinnamon and tobacco are the main notes that hit me. It goes on smelling like Christmas and dries down to smell like a cigar humidor. I enjoy wearing it, especially in the colder months. In my view it is a bit too spicy for an office friendly fragrance, but it is good for weekends and social occasions. It projects moderately well and lasts for most of the day on me.

Burberry London(2006)
Revisiting my review from a year ago. The common descriptor for this fragrance is 'cherry tobacco' or 'boozy tobacco'. My impression leans towards the cherry note but ironically cherry is not a listed note and tobacco is listed in the base. Either way the top is extremely gorgeous and one of the best openings in perfumery. The tobacco dry down is also stunning and many consider perfect for it's category and price. Longevity on me was not stellar, so I have a travel spray for portability so I could re-apply if I was out shopping or spending holiday time with extended family. This is a quintessential autumn/holiday fragrance. I can't imagine wearing anything else(besides clothes of course) on Thanksgiving, and Christmas too. CK One Shock for Him is also in this category by the way, but London tends to earn the glory. London is so beautiful and perfect for the holiday months it takes up a greater percentage of my wears just due to it's frequency of use in the months of Nov-Feb. Not overtly expensive so with the amount of reviews and if the notes appeal to you this would be FB and blind buy worthy. Thumbs up

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