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Burberry (2003)

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Burberry Brit by Burberry

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Burberry Brit is a women's perfume launched in 2003 by Burberry

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Reviews of Burberry Brit by Burberry

There are 70 reviews of Burberry Brit by Burberry.

It breaks my heart that this potion was reformulated. I don't have official confirmation of that but this scent (or the original I should say) was my first love - the first scent I bought with my own money years ago. Once they changed the bottle from the traditional Burberry pattern to this new diagonal line, "abstract art thing", so was the potion also changed right with it.

What a heartache, what a disappointment for this to happen. The old-bottle version had a strong and powerful perfect powdered creaminess that was long-lasting. Now, in the new bottle, everything has been scaled down with the exception of the initial notes. You'll still get that little blast of crispness but instead of it building up to an all-day walk in creamy clouds, it all falls flat rather fast to a shadow of what used to be.

I still give a thumbs up because there's nothing detestable or even unlikable about it. It's still a nice scent, but that's what you'll get if it lasts or projects enough, "you smell nice" (blah). I miss the old reactions of "oh, my goodness, what's that smell? Is that you??? That smells divine . . . what is it?"

This is still 'nice', but she doesn't turn heads anymore. I think I still buy because of my nostalgia to all the time I spent with the original.

I'm pretty sure it's been reformulated. It used to be, as you'll see described by reviewers here, a scent as multifaceted as it was versatile. I could go on describing the old notes, but they're gone.

As is, it's a Dior Addict clone that is missing both the florals and the beautiful vanilla basenote. The Italian lime is great -- juicy even -- but absent the peony and amber it is linear and cloying. Sadly I can't see myself wearing it anymore.

This is a gem. It's got fruit, flower, sweet spices and... vegetables. I'd make a full meal on this any time.

The initial phase combines fruitiness and freshness, the latter having a nigh-lemony character. Smooth, fresh, and reluctantly bright.

The drydown is based on the almond impression, balanced and not too sweet. In the base a vanilla,
a good and unobtrusive vanilla, adds further depth.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant fruity-fresh scent for cooler summer days, which is a bit generic at times and a bit too basic. 2.75/5.

Love this scent. Very crisp and fresh. The lime makes it addicting. Strong yet not overwhelming. One of the few lighter scents I will wear with pride.

I am not the type to be swayed by marketing into buying fragrances from major fashion houses, so this was not something on my radar. I did however paper-test it at one point at a department store and making a mental note to try it again... I wrist-tested it a while later and liked it, but I had other fragrances higher up on my wishlist so did not purchase. A year or so later, I received a bottle of this in a great swap. It was even better than I remembered. I got more pepperiness than fruit and loved the drydown, especially in the cool/dark weather (I lived in England at this time).

It's a very versatile scent so I wore it during the day sometimes and enjoyed it. But I also had this feeling that it was not quite doing its best on my skin. I could smell notes that were very faint or short on me. It was not bad by any means, and it did smell good, but I had this feeling that on me some of the nuance was getting lost; it worked but missing some dimensions (kinda like my British accent I suppose?). A few weeks later, I had a relative visiting who tried it, and I was correct in my intuition: It was fabulous on her, more complex and interesting. I enjoyed wearing it, but I had a large 100 ml bottle and was not using it enough so I swapped it eventually.

Definitely worth a try but I'd suggest testing before buying unless you find it on a good swap or super low price.

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