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Buonissimo by Hilde Soliani Profumi

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Hilde Soliani Profumi
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Hilde Soliani
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Created exclusively for Lucky Scent’s 15th anniversary.

Fragrance notes.

Reviews of Buonissimo by Hilde Soliani Profumi

There are 1 reviews of Buonissimo by Hilde Soliani Profumi.

Certainly as presented, Buonissimo, Hilde Soliani's release that celebrates Luckyscent's 15th anniversary, is a gourmand lover's gourmand, and its note breakdown supports such a forecast.

From the opening I get more of a cocoa vibe before it dries down into its stated mix of croissant, vanilla, sugar, butter, cappuccino, and caramel, though frankly the last two contribute the least. It's really not a caramel or a coffee scent at all, even though they both might very well contribute in the background. Rather, Buonissimo has the combined effective of smelling like a confectionery shop and a bakery at the same time.

Performance is quite good overall, and the pricing is fair ($160 for 100ml), especially relative to what the niche market is like now.

I'd offer the general admonition that Buonissimo might be unbearable for those who do not like sweet scents, predictably, and might prove redundant for some gourmand lovers like myself, but that it's not so vanilla-centric and features a bready/buttery side renders it a bit of a departure from everything in my catalog. It's not the least bit resinous, either, so it fails to overlap the vanilla/amber subgroup that.

It's delectable and playful, clearly unisex and year-round friendly, though admittedly I'd be careful about when I wear it during the warmer months, and most of all, it's a satisfying wear that works for me. I'll certainly give some thought to nabbing a bottle.

8 out of 10

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