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    • patchouli, rose, costus, tobacco, black musk, bull's blood

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First, this is LOUD, so be careful with that atomizer unless you want to take a second shower. Second, this is sexy stuff. I don't know what "Bull's Blood" is (and I'm not sure I really want to) but this is an incredibly dry yet musky trip. I sometimes layer this under Comme des Garçon "2 Man" because they share that incense/patchouli vibe. This is a cold weather scent to be sure - I wore it last summer and was told I smelled "obscene." Take that as you will. Several websites say this has rose in it - either I can't smell rose, or it's just not there. Either way I can't say I'd miss it. I do love this.
27th April 2023
Opens with an alcohol-soaked rose note, not too bad. Later you get the soft, powdery patchouli-musk combo which just makes anything smell dated. Rose doesn't help either, contributing to a more mature smell.

The overall impression is a soft, unisex, patchouli-rose that's not super loud. What I don't get is anything offensive. Just a little animalic musk, maybe.

I get a decent 3-4 hours of projection.
26th January 2020

An odd one for me, since the first time I wore it I felt assaulted by a pungent odor, not unlike strong body odor and recoiled from it. As that died down, the dark rose-patchouli becomes more prominent, but also less daring and interesting than the arresting opening. After a few wearings, I've become accustomed to the opening, and though I wouldn't say "I like it", or would choose to wear it, I do have a grudging admiration for the perfumer's choices as inventive. No doubt some -a daring few- could wear this, as the drydown seems perfectly fine for polite company. I am not one of those people, however. A neutral rating but something I return to from time to time, just to remind myself what it smells like.
9th October 2019
Big slap in the face with patchouli and rose, at first. The top, of the middle has a slight burnt tire smell that turns into a sweaty, human body accord. Then, an iron-y, metallic vibe - maybe from the costus root? This, dispels slowly, mellowing out. The base is musky but, I swear I smell an iris or violet note as this dries down into something kind of powdery. The sweetness of patchouli returns. Long-lasting on my skin.

I enjoy this one. It is creepy and sexy at the same time.
12th September 2018
Legit smells like a dead/dying animal. It is an entirely unwearable scent in public, but I give it a neutral rating because it embodies the name and notes accurately. Art house fragrance at its finest!
29th June 2018
You've walked into a barn filled with wet hay, and something bad must have happened because the farmhands are pouring sour roses everywhere to cover it up! Creepy! Oh no! They've lit it all on fire and they're throwing patchouli on it to make it worse! Get me out of here! Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors.
7th February 2018
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