Bulgari Petits et Mamans fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Petitgrain, Mandarin
  • Heart

    • White Peach
  • Base

    • Iris and Vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Bulgari Petits et Mamans

A very pleasant scent, with ingredients that you would find in men fragrances as well. Therefore no reason to limit it to women and kids, just because someone in marketing did. This said, it also works nice layered on Kouros if you wish to add some extra strength to it.
5th October 2017
This is a pleasant little fragrance for young children. It smells clean and fresh like a high quality baby powder. I particularly like the bit of rosewood and chamomile tinges. I also like that its quiet powder doesn't have excessive sweetness. Petits et Mamans could have easily been a cliché, but it isn't; it is clean, natural feeling, and endearing.
6th December 2010

Love it for work to remind me of my baby throughout the day, fresh, powdery, sweet and light :)
21st June 2010
Aah, this is such a cute powdery smell! I love it on my baby sister. It makes me smile, so I also wear it sometimes on simple days.
13th April 2009
Really great scent for kids...I have two boys and use it to lighty scent their clothes instead of fabric softeners. Smells great on them but no staying power on me.
19th April 2006
Very light and baby-powderish with a hint of florals. Cute! It reminds me of a more expensive version of philosophy's Baby Grace, with slightly better lasting power on my skin despite its lack of alcohol. If you have small children, you could probably get about the same effect by sharing their baby shampoo and lotion.
20th October 2005