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Bulgari (2014)

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Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

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Bulgari Man in Black is a men's fragrance launched in 2014 by Bulgari

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Reviews of Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

There are 46 reviews of Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari.

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."

I've gone back and forth on Man in Black, but revisiting it today, I find that it's held up well.

To my nose, the aptly named Man in Black focuses on dark leather and spice with a rum-infused tuberose-tonka undertone to add a touch of creaminess and soften the edges. In the scheme of modern scents, this does not strike me as espdcially sweet or gourmand, especially in the opening when the spices and booziness and leather feel prominent. The sweetness, as the name hints, is of a dark sort, with a slight molasses aura.

Comparisons to Spicebomb are not wrong but are exaggerated to the point of being misleading. Spicebomb goes in for a prominent, doughy tonka that is kept firmly in the background here, and the addition of tuberose alters its effect. The spices here have a very subtle flicker of animalic bitterness (the sourness you sometimes get in cedar is detectable).

Certainly not a phoned-in effort, and feels considerably more interesting than Bvlgari Man, which preceded it, or the flankers that followed it, with Black Orient being an exception. Black Orient follows the same trajectory but replaces the tuberose with a unique, dry, papery rose and amps up the woods in the base.

The worst you can say about it is that it "feels" synthetic - not in a scratchy way, but in the streamlined feeling that often suggests reliance on isolated molecules rather than complex distillations. It's a smooth blend.

Don't give much attention to reformulation worries. I've got a 2014 batch on hand and this performs comparably to the current stuff (which is to say it performs modestly; it has never been loud).

This is just a slightly different take on Spice Bomb. I got bottle in 2020 so not sure how badly reformulated this is but performance is extremely bad. Weak projection for the 1st hour, then the spiciness dies and you're left with a very weak (skin scent) base.

Would summarise this as a bargain bin department store fragrance.

The first thing I thought of when I smelled Man in Black is "department store."

The note pyramid contains some of my absolute favorite notes, except for two notes that when not put into the proper ratio can completely derail the train for me, and that would be iris and tuberose. With its boozy, pencil-shaving notes from the rum and guaiac wood, there are some similarities to Gucci pour Homme (2003), one of my favorite designer scents. The cardamom and cinnamon give this a nice, cool spice to it, and the base is a spicy oriental; well done, but not groundbreaking. I rather enjoy the entire formulation...except for the iris and tuberose. They just seem to be two vocalists in the choir who sing everything a quarter-step sharp. I'm enjoying the whole vibe of the fragrance while trying to not pay attention to the iris and tuberose. That said, as Man in Black dries down, the tuberose starts to fade (it's the note that bothers me the most), and the iris turns its volume down to an acceptable level. After thirty minutes or so, I can actually enjoy the fragrance without any real issue. Towards the end, this has an iris/vanilla-dominant odor that's "okay" at best.

Performance is good, longevity is decent, not sure about sillage. This is not a unique scent, in my opinion, but it's well-designed, and a nice option for the colder months. I see this as a date night fragrance, unless your plan is to let the people in the office think you're a lothario. This isn't a blockbuster by any stretch, but I can't really knock it as being poor. I'll give it an unenthusiastic thumbs up.

This one was interesting for me. I put it on both my wrists and my chest, and both smelled different. On the wrists I more or less got what I expected. A little rum, but not terribly boozy, and some sweetness and dark spices to go along with. On my chest though I got an interesting sweet and powdery yet sour and sharp combo that I wasn't expecting. It reminded me a bit of the USA Smarties candy. Interestingly enough, that's the same feeling I got when I tried Tom Ford's Black Orchid (which was mistakenly put in the men's section of Sephora). I'm not sure what could have caused the diverging scent profile, but both scents were interesting in their own right. Nothing truly special either way however.

It first gave me an impression of bubble gummy playfulness. This lingers, but it is better than that. There is something balsalmic in the formula that slightly alters the flavor.
Take the cardamom, leather, and tonka from Code Profumo, add in the booze from Fahrenheit EDP, a dash of MFKs medicinal fake oud, and a touch of iris. You have Man in Black.
I'm going neutral here. It is okay, but I feel like other fragrances do what it is trying to do better. Also, my grade takes into account that the others that I mentioned perform better in all facets. It is a good fragrance for the price, for sure, as all the others are more expensive.

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