Bulgari Man Extreme 
Bulgari (2013)

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Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

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Bulgari Man Extreme is a men's fragrance launched in 2013 by Bulgari

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Reviews of Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

There are 27 reviews of Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari.

This took a lot of time to grow on me. Now putting things into perspective, this is "the" quintessential office fragrance for warmer climate. Quality is there, and price is good.

The opening is great, the dry down is even better. Projects and performs well throughout, very versatile.

Nice citrusy fragrance for summer time with a short lifespan.

Extreme is just in the name.

My sample is enough to write this review...

Fresh? Not at all, it smells like citrus and grapefruits made artificially in a lab.

Wood? I cant get any wood here.

It smells cheap,soapy and too spicy. Nothing special about this scent. Not to mention the longevity is under medium and sillage is almost nonexistent.

The only thing ok is the bottle design.

Citrus, green, herbal, woody.

Starts off with a very attractive citrus accord that dies fast. The woods remain in the background of this scent for the entire time, which unfortunately only lasts a few short hours. The green and herbal parts to me combine to remind me of something familiar. It's like a green-olivey note that reminds me of TF Costa Azzura. It's not bad but slightly odd. At least it blends in well with the rest.

The main players in this scent smell extremely natural and inoffensive to me. And although it seems to me it is a somewhat generic scent but at the same time actually unique. That combination makes it signature scent worthy to me. I wish it lasted a bit longer though...

Bulgari Man Extreme belongs to a long line of fragrances which are unnecessarily named. This is not extreme as the name suggests, it is rather a "lighter" take on Bulgari Man. Unfortunately it is yet another one where only the scent itself need be the focus lest it be ignored and forgotten.

This opens with beautiful and bright citrus fruits and florals. Gradually the woods appear and lurk in the background giving this its masculine quality. Although not listed that trademark Bulgari tea note very subtly envelopes the scent in umbrella fashion. A very classic, simple formula and a rather linear scent in a positive sense. Perhaps somewhere in between Chanel's Eau de Cologne and Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver, with a little more wood than the former and slightly brighter citrus notes than the latter. A truly sublime spring and summertime scent if seasons are considered, Bulgari Man Extreme relishes simplicity without losing at least some sort of interesting quality. Certainly worth the time.

this is quite an appealing fragrance.. not familiar with all the notes but I can say - this is similar to Kenneth cole for man (round gray bottle)... and has a dry down similar to creed Viking.
i have a small bottle from the black, man, extreme set and it is the best one of them all. I think I will purchase a big bottle!

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