Bulgari Man Black Orient 
Bulgari (2016)

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Reviews of Bulgari Man Black Orient by Bulgari

I love this scent, Dark,Spicey,and elegant with a little bit of leather. Longevity and sillage are top notch. This is definitely a manly fragrance for Fall and Winter. To me it's addictive and one of my favorite buys in the last two years. It's in my top 3 for cold weather scents. 9/10 IMHO.
Nov 13, 2020

The Bvlgari Man Black bombast comprises of variations on a rich rum note. Of these, Black Orient Man is the most fascinating, brimming with a mystery of Eastern redolence albeit through a tempered Western design. There is a hearty warm presence of a boozy player in refined robes of a spicy oracular mystic at hand here, conjuring an ominous spell of leathery tones over a bed of taif roses and oud cinders, through a dry fixed gaze of want. How sweet it is, under its trance; dark and seductive, full of grace and almost niche. Black Orient is all command and deliverance for those who obey.
Nov 3, 2020

Easily one of the better designer releases from the past decade, Bvlgari Man Black Orient is a "man of mystery" scent that brings niche aesthetics to the designer fragrance counter.

This scent's predecessor, Man in Black, was an odd bit of fragrance engineering from Morillas, a kind of mature take on Spicebomb by way of Tom Ford. All the notes seemed to fit on paper but didn't really seem to be conversing with one another when you actually smelled it, a collision of luxurious components that could sometimes be captivating but often just seemed confused.

Black Orient is more purely a Western designer riff on Middle Eastern styles, a spicy rose-oud that somehow distinguishes itself in an overcrowded genre. In marrying a well-behaved rose-oud to MIB's best element, its boozy leather, Black Orient finds balance and focus, offering a kind of paradoxically minimalist opulence that feels both contemporary and lush. The Taif rose here is particularly nice; it's not the plastic-y or jammy rose of so many releases, but a drier, papery rose note that seamlessly blends with the prominent leather. That familiar designer synthoud rounds out the base and becomes more noticeable in the late drydown.

All in all, this is a leather scent that offers a sort of "desert wind" ambience not entirely detached from scents like L'Air du Désert Marocain, along with the approachability of something like Oud Wood with a central accord that is all its own. I'd call that a success.

Black Orient has good, persistent presence and is dry enough that it actually performs well in both heat and in cool weather.
May 23, 2019

A spicy take on the Bulgari Man series. The spices in the opening are nice and provide a richness and perceived higher-quality smell that the other flankers do not have. Later, it closely resembles the original Man DNA, but still has some spiciness left to differentiate.

Projection is average but better than a skin scent. Also, lasts all work day, so pretty good performance overall.
Aug 17, 2017

Should have been called Bulgari Man Black Oud...but 'black oud' probably would not get love?

Deep, rich sensuous. More alive than the previous flankers that can seem cold...like cold bitter coffee. This adds warmth, sweetness and a bit of mystery.

To me the ones to buy are: Orient, Cologne and Man in Black (the third only for reference of how good the first 2 actually are!)

Easily Unisex.
Aug 18, 2016

A gentleman,in black coat with velvet collar,white waistcoat, black cravat,dark curly hair and black umbrella on a rainy autumn evening.Yes!this is a deep, special,chic and masculine perfume for prestigious Gentlemen!This combines classic masculine appeal with cool, contemporary elegance.

A beautiful blend of the most symbolic ingredients of oriental scents:Oud and Rose.it's intimate,stays close,enhances the warmth of skin.The opening notes of rum,cardamom gives it a real intoxicating and aromatic aroma. 
A unique heart distinguishes the scent and intensifies it's character with oud,taif rose and leather accord which is perfectly balanced with the other notes.the base is completed with woody layers that speaks to the powerful,charismatic man who embodies the brand's rich legacy.

This scent is intriguing as in it makes you want to smell it and attempt to figure it out.It gives you a sense of mystery and power. the dry down is just perfect.so divine.This is an excellent fragrance for the fall and winter,that can be worn on either a night out or a night in.It is elegant enough for more formal affairs.I prefer this one to the original.a great flanker for the modern Bvlgari Man.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Jul 7, 2016

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