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Bukhara by Gallivant

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A fairytale Uzbek city on the Silk Road. Fruits and spices – sophistication and adventure.  A journey into Central Asia.

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Reviews of Bukhara by Gallivant

There are 2 reviews of Bukhara by Gallivant.

A long-overdue proper sampling of Bukhara, the 2020 release from Gallivant that celebrates the Uzbek city, and its second-latest release (to the newest, Naples). For me, Bukhara blends a dry, soft, musky/woody side with a slightly fruity and spicy outer-ring, though the center still smells largely of the orris, jasmine, musk, and woods, highly agreeable, and in that respect, while akin to some of the house’s earliest releases, it feels closest to Toyko in its dry, sober center accented by interesting touches. I like it! It’s not among my very favorites of the line but like everything in the line, it’s wearable, rather unique, and quite interesting.

Priced at the standard $95 for the convenient 30ml travel sizes, Bukhara is sold at great boutiques like Perfumology, from whom I’ve bought other Gallivant perfumes, with individual spray samples available.

7 out of 10

I've been to the former Soviet republics once in my life. I stayed in Bishkek on work and visited one of the ethnic markets. My guide, one of the ethnic Russian elite, told me I had to barter with the stall-holders, so I ended up paying the equivalent of about 3p (GB) rather than 5p for a little newspaper packet of spices used in "plov", the pervasive rice and lamb dish. That's quite a big saving, so I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it.

Anyway, perhaps it's a trick of the imagination, but Bukhara does a very smart job of picking the right notes, and then presenting a very serviceable dry wood and spice scent with some authentic dried fruits. As I write a get a terrific whiff of something like spiced, stewed fruit. A little bit unusual, and in my view comprising a high standard of creative vision. It brings back some memories, that's for sure.

Well worth a try, although it -will- cost a little more than those plov spices.

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