Build & Destroy 
James Lavelle & Azzi Glasser (2014)


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About Build & Destroy by James Lavelle & Azzi Glasser

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Azzi Glasser

A limited edition collaboration between musician James Lavelle, and perfume designer, Azzi Glasser:

Their unique image and attention to detail are reflected in the contemporary packaging design, merging influences of art, music and symbolising British street culture. Glasser’s personal interpretation uses the finest of ingredients that encapsulate notes to personify Lavelle’s unique artistic style

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There are 1 reviews of Build & Destroy by James Lavelle & Azzi Glasser.

Exclusive to Liberty London. Incense - wood - oud, and a good blend of those types of note. The oud is very restrained. The scent is not sweet or heavy. It has good longevity and wears well. Low-key, perhaps not particularly distinctive, but the three elements strike a good, masculine chord and the frankincense is attractive.
Jun 20, 2016

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