Bryant Park fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley, rhubarb, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • rose, patchouli
  • Base

    • raspberry, amber

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Genre: Fruity Floral

I'm just not feeling the love here. Bryant Park's strident artificial “froot” flavor top note smells so toxic that I have a hard time giving the rest of it a fair wearing. It lies somewhere between jellybeans and air-freshener on the cheap-smelling continuum, and tacking it on to a $150 perfume ought to be a crime. The fruit is a lot more comfortable on my nose once it's enveloped by Bryant Park's rose-centered floral accord, but the composition still smells more obviously chemical than I'd like.

It says something for the chemical intensity of Bryant Park's fruit note that it outlasts the floral elements and persists for most of the life of the fragrance. The other predominant base notes are patchouli and sweet amber, both uncharacteristically light. In fact, either I habituate to Bryant Park very rapidly, or the whole thing is highly ephemeral, because I have trouble sniffing it out after just a couple of hours. On paper or fabric it's much more tenacious, but also more vehemently chemical.

On the upside, the psychedelic pink and purple bottle is great.
9th June 2014
Bond doing what Bond does best: above-average fruity florals. Faint praise? Maybe, but I'm convinced that, years from now, when time has granted fruity florals and aquatics the same connoisseur acceptance that other formerly maligned mainstream genres now enjoy, Bond No 9's current output will be revered as the ultimate bests of the genres.

So, Bryant Park. Bright candy-sweet raspberry and violets backed with that make-up smell from Broadway Nite or Lipstick Rose. It darkens slightly with time into what everyone calls a rhubarb accord, though it's nowhere near CDG's realistic vegetal rhubarb. Instead, it's a candy flavor - like red fruit punch mixed with a vague greenness from the lily chemicals backed up by that makeup smell. It's not bad (the makeup smell does a lot to smarten it up), but you'd better like candy-sweet fruity florals. As a side note, on off days, I get a strange menthol note in the top of Bryant Park which is really odd and out of place. It's subtle, but once I've smelled it, I can't "un-smell" it, and it sits there annoying me. Meh. Not for me, but well done for what it is. At least it doesn't smell like f@#king marshmallows!
27th June 2012

Being a guy, this is something I would never wear as it's too feminine for me with it's raspberries and rhubarb.
That said, I would love to smell this on a woman and when I sampled it it was one of those scents I kept going back to my wrist. It's sweet and tart at the same time with a nice lush rosey center and would be great on a woman.
15th September 2011
Testing this had the astonishing effect of making me giggle uncontrollably -- it is so pretty. The raspberries and rhubarb just smell lovely -- I was going to spray on my tongue. I won't be wearing it though -- too feminine, but I know someone who will.
30th December 2010
Fantastic Roses and Raspberries on this unusual scent with uplifting and healing properties...great longevity and beautiful bottle...thumbs up of course...!!!

I would also like to review the liquid silk that I am wearing today for the first is a beautiful smooth and oily sorbet that leaves the skin supple and lush with a very long lasting trail of the fragrance...

Thumbs up...!!!
22nd August 2010
Likeable scent from bond.Almost serves as a semi-feminine counterpart to CENTRAL PARK.I have used my bonbon samples of this myself, and had no trouble pulling it off.My verdict: pleasant, unisex, transparent, and high quality.
28th June 2010
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