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Reviews of Brut by Fabergé

There are 103 reviews of Brut by Fabergé.

I scored a mini bottle in an antique shop, so I suspect it is somewhat vintage. Very green, powdery and fairly sweet. Still, it is distinctive, with a pleasant soapy and aromatic quality. I get the herbal notes and definitely geranium rose. Bit of vanilla or coumarin. Creamy sandalwood in the dry-down. This was a mass market fougere in the day.

Fragrance In Three Words: Masculine Green Woods

Brut was one of the first fragrances I owned. I was given one with the silver paper label, along with what I think was Yardley Gold deodorant. I thought it was very strong. The version I bought last year and finished is a lot weaker.

Starts with a nice lavender and slight citrus. The prominent note is oakmoss, I suspect newer versions use treemoss and dry vetiver. It's mainly green notes. There are a lot of floral notes, but they get lost in the miasma.

Brut is a golden balled classic, I've recently been trying Old Spice again and I like that more. Sadly it has become watered down, but it still retains its core DNA.

Rating: old version 8 out of 10
Newer version 7 out of 10

From a Cheeseborough-Ponds bottle, I think 90's-early 2000's?

3 sprays is probably too much, I could get through the whole day on 1 or 2 sprays.

Beautiful fragrance, although after 8-10 hours it feels like it's "time for a change".

Lovely in the Fall & Winter, probably early Spring too. But, "friends don't let friends wear Brut in the summer"!

I used to advise that every guy should have a bottle of Brut cologne in their collection. The Brut manufactured today for the North American market is crap and cheap. It no longer has the dry down of Brut from the Unilever or Cheseborough-Ponds days. The latest dries down to a heavy black licorice mess.

If you get the chance to try out Brut Original, the Parfum Prestige product still manufactured by Unilever in the UK for Europe, you should. It is way more subtle than the North American Brut ever was, but that was by design. It is a refreshing change and dries down to the sandalwood-oak moss beauty that I liked so much with Brut.

The beginning of the fragrance is like a calm western landscape with trees, mountains and wild flowers with a cowboy who puts his gun in its leather cover. Lavender,anise,oakmoss and vetiver continue to make this western more classic with a character who emmotionally and spiritually,he lives in a cold land,but he has the traces of silent and unspoken love.He is very stubborn in expressing love and affection in the face of vanilla and tonka bean and the sweetness that the two inject into him.he suffices with a simple thank you.he rarely uses this word because this mysterious man's motto is that no one is kind to human beings for no reason,which is why the sweetness of perfume disappears very quickly.

Such a great scent.It reminds me of my dad.this really is the epitome of a man's fragrance,the classic barbershop fougere.and one of the top aromatic fougere of all time.the opening is nothing special,but when the lavender and oakmoss start to appears and followed by the rest, i start to change my is neither clean or dirty,it's both, and that's what makes Brut's captivating, yet never steals the limelight from the wearer.self-confidence is a must-have if you choose to wear this devastatingly alluring perfume.the longevity and sillage are both very high quality.

This stuff is and has always been disgusting. If someone gives you this, they don't like you.

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