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Brummel by Antonio Puig

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Brummel is a men's fragrance launched in 1975 by Antonio Puig

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Reviews of Brummel by Antonio Puig

There are 7 reviews of Brummel by Antonio Puig.

Antonio Puig rarely disappoints and this is no exception. Brummel is elegance and rich with a gentleman persona in a bottle. Definitely makes you smell like a real man without smelling dated or like the mainstream cliche ambroxan ISO E sweet tonka bombs that have saturated the market. Reasonably priced "niche" quality and composition know how, that's what i could say about this gem

The opening is a combination of sparkling lime and herbs. Really gorgeous and refreshing while giving an aura of class and refinement. The spicy herbal/ juicy citrusy opening soon settles into a really enjoyable floral-accentuated mid. In the late dry down it changes entirely to a veriver scent. It really is quite nice.

It is sheer enough to be casual and hefty enough to after outstanding performance that never gets obnoxious no matter how heavily you apply it. I find this one supremely comforting as it's got an easygoing and palliative air about it, i think due mostly to the lime accord, which here is a round-edged citrus note with nothing disruptive or intensely energetic about it. You can either well-dressed or casual informal dressed with this one.

Imagine Avon Mesemerize with more of a chypre quality. That's Brummel. It's ok to me, not really good though, but I respect it. It does smell like it's good quality, but not something I really want on my skin.

Very similar in your face alcoholic, tarragon soapy opening like Denim. Quickly drys down to a pleasant soapy spicy citrus. Less refined, cheap version of Bogart in my opinion.
Very wearable and not too in your face, although maybe a tad old fashioned, but still a pleasant fresh every day type of juice. Bought my bottle (125ml) in Spain on holiday a few weeks ago. Cost just under 10 euros.

The Baron de Charlus once told me: " It was in a small Spanish town at twilight that I first encountered Brummel by Puig. Beneath a streetlight near a nondescript tavern stood a curious figure, a tall, ancient dandy, with obviously dyed hair, cadaverous features, depthless eyes and blackened teeth. More curious still was the smell that emanated from him: soft and cheap, yet also clean, deep, distinguished and grave. Mellow citrus floating round a shadowy tomb, seeming to lead to a strange gulf of soft roses and dim powders of the womb - simultaneously enticing, forbidding, suave, eerie, comforting, warm, fleeting and sad. Rather hesitantly, I addressed him: 'My dear sir, stood there in the positively Baudelairean shadows, no doubt something of a pariah and tragically misunderstood. I find you to be a rather mysterious and magnificent creature. What is the scent you are wearing?' He surveyed me, neither friendly nor hostile, told me its name, then ambled away."

With the after shave used only once (a different weird creature) the cologne worked for me for quite awhile! This is the one I may look for again the next time my wife and I make it to Union, NJ. There is in the scent a masculine dryness that makes it Puig but not over the top or an emotional downer. Casual, yes, but not out of line when applied carefully for the office. In some ways a broader-spectrum Aramis without the need to say, "I make a lot of money" more like "I make a living. We can live a happy life."

great fragance,80's stuff is calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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