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This is my favorite DISCONTINUED fragrance!
Back in 1986, I got a sample vial and coveted it for years. A rich, dark, cedar-based fougère, I really loved Brownstone by Paul Sebastian, but never went full bottle and waited too long. Production stopped in the late 80s. Fast-forward and I finally scored a full cologne bottle on eBay (a gentleman bought it at a Pandora's Closet and listed it), and at a very reasonable price ($65 vs. $299); it's wonderful as I remember.
6th May 2021
Created in an era (80's) when just about every new launch was much anticipated and each new fragrance was a unique creation (well, almost).
Even for an 80's fragrance Brownstone was distinctive. Sweet, spicy, strong, yet a soft and sexy drydown with excellent sillage - this fragrance was exquisite. Not for everyone, mind you, more of a specialty scent. If this worked with your Phermones a woman would devour you whole. Definitely a romance scent - don't waste this at the office. Much better in wintery weather - it's just too rich and concentrated for the summer heat.
Paul Sebastian has unfortunately discontinued his 2 best scents (V.S.O.P. and Brownstone) and continues to make the sickly sweet, overpowering
good-fellas juice - otherwise known as PS original. Why this crap still sells is beyond me. Although Brownstone is quite rare and very pricey when it turns up on ebay, finding a fragrance of such class and distinction is worth going the extra mile.
23rd March 2009

God, I used to LOVE this stuff! Why, why, WHY did they yank this off the shelves? Wore it all the time in the early Nineties, and still think it makes a great unisex scent.
9th October 2006