Brooklyn fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, cardamom
  • Heart

    • geranium leaves, juniper, cypress
  • Base

    • guaiacwood, cedarwood, leather

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SMW/Erolfa metallic, green floral opening. For some reason, this has me thinking of the punchy, green scent of Andy Warhol pH but more pleasant, less scratchy. Grapefruit and juniper/gin with woods in the background. Fresh, green and clean throughout, good for summer and compliments.

Performance is excellent, so much so that less is actually more with the amount of sprays you should use as this can become cloying. I get solid projection and all day longevity.
11th March 2020
Half way decent opening of grapefruit/juniper...metallic ozoney quality that puts it in the ballpark of Himalaya/SMW/Erolfa...weak and watery...fading fast...doesn't smell niche...smells common and for the mass market...move along , nothing to see here...vague semi woody finish...wait... thought I caught a trace of leather...might be just wishfull thinking or my imagination...
3rd March 2019

What the hell is this?? What are these notes? This dones't smell like anything. It smells like a metallic citrus opening, almost reminiscent of Creed SMW, and before I turn my head back to sniff my arm, I smell nothing. That's with 3 good wearings from a sample I paid $6 for. Worst $6 spent ever. Come on.. I'd expect this from Nautica or CK, but not from a fragrance that retails for over $300 a bottle.

If you see this one, just ignore it completely. It's the biggest joke ever.
25th July 2018
Super underrated fragrance that layers well with other fragrances (especially Riverside Drive). It's not too strong, BUT may be cloying if over-applied. It would probably work well with New York Musk or Montauk. If you're looking for a signature work scent, this would work. The retail price is a bit much to pay for something this subtle. I got my bottle from a YouTube fragrance reviewer who didn't like it.
15th December 2017
Citrus-oiled new wood
Smells like possibility
Clear but not empty.
17th September 2017
Surprising to see such a split opinion on Brooklyn by Bond No9, as I really like this fragrance, aside from the initial opening. The first few minutes are indeed a gut punch of Iso E Super and grapefruit, but it quickly settles into a very nice, long lasting, juniper, cedar and leather. To my nose this is a clean laundry and fresh air scent and reminds me of one of the Penhaligon fragrances, but with super improved performance and wearability. Another comparison I had was to Terre d' Hermes, but with much less cedar and no gun flint notes.

Bond No9 fragrances have trademark longevity on my skin, and Brooklyn was no different, although the body of the scent is relatively light and fresh. Brooklyn would make an excellent office scent for warm weather, and could be worn formal or casual. I really like this one and right after Riverside Drive and Great Jones, would be my next favorite Bond.

Thumbs Up for me.
8th January 2016
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