Bronze Goddess was launched in 2008 as a follow up to the previous years Azurée Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent, which was developed in collaboration with Tom Ford.

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin, golden amber
  • Heart

    • tiare, jasmine, magnolia, orange flower, lavender
  • Base

    • coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, myrrh

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Summer in a bottle. There is a very specific time and place for this scent in my mind. The beach, a beach holiday, a day at the pool. I'm not really going to put it on for anything else but for those few occasions it is perfection. I do think there are dupes out there but you can find this reasonably priced as well.
22nd July 2020
It's like your powerful vintage summer floral, except it's soft. There's a body cream itchy note I don't really like. I love the original version though.
1st December 2018

Pleasant enough, and undeniably summery. I use it in conjunction with the shimmering skin and hair oil.
Can also use with coconut sun oil.
I like this scent, but for something similar and FAR better, try Terracotta by Guerlain.
7th June 2017
Beachy suntan oil scents have become something of a cliché now, with so many cheaper variations available including numerous celebrity fragrances heavy on the coconutty/vanilla vibe. It is certainly not "strikingly different" contrary to an assertion made by another reviewer. It is ubiquitous. Bronze Goddess is fine for a couple of months in the summer but that's about it; it needs warmth to smell good. Of limited use and very pricey at that. It dries down to a rather unremarkable floral/vanilla waft having lost most of his coconut beachy-ness. Its ok but there are so many other more interesting fragrances around e.g. Nobile 1942's La Danza delle Libellule. Perfect for a cool(ish) northern hemisphere summer.
25th June 2015
There are a lot of notes in this scent, all coming together to summon up suntan lotion, tropical flowers, fruit and--most intriguing--salty, briny skin. I think that this works--in spades--if you want to evoke all that is best about tropical beaches and sun-warmed skin. And who wouldn't, you ask? I think that the problem with all of these scents that recreate the scent of the beach (Virgin Island Water is a prime example) is that they smell good and are great casual scents but would smell inappropriate in, say a boardroom. That said, this is a really good smelling, memorable scent and a stroke of genius on the part of Estee Lauder, who have managed to do something strikingly different (starting with their Azuree Soleil) and very wearable.
1st June 2015
A fresh citrus/coconut/amber scent that screams, "Suntan oil." Great scent to enjoy and not "haute parfumerie," but just for fun. Merits a full bottle as this is a light eau de toilette. Try using the skin oil and layer to make it last longer. Longevity of this eau fraiche is not a plus.

This is a fresh addition to any collection. Truly a "beach in a bottle." It makes a good unisex for men who like a gourmand summer scent.

EDIT: Starting in 2014, this comes in a body cream. This has the most longevity out of all of the ancillary products.
14th April 2013
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