Bronze Goddess was launched in 2008 as a follow up to the previous years Azurée Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent, which was developed in collaboration with Tom Ford.

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin, golden amber
  • Heart

    • tiare, jasmine, magnolia, orange flower, lavender
  • Base

    • coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, myrrh

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Latest Reviews of Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent

Summer in a bottle. There is a very specific time and place for this scent in my mind. The beach, a beach holiday, a day at the pool. I'm not really going to put it on for anything else but for those few occasions it is perfection. I do think there are dupes out there but you can find this reasonably priced as well.
22nd July 2020
It's like your powerful vintage summer floral, except it's soft. There's a body cream itchy note I don't really like. I love the original version though.
1st December 2018

Pleasant enough, and undeniably summery. I use it in conjunction with the shimmering skin and hair oil.
Can also use with coconut sun oil.
I like this scent, but for something similar and FAR better, try Terracotta by Guerlain.
7th June 2017
Beachy suntan oil scents have become something of a cliché now, with so many cheaper variations available including numerous celebrity fragrances heavy on the coconutty/vanilla vibe. It is certainly not "strikingly different" contrary to an assertion made by another reviewer. It is ubiquitous. Bronze Goddess is fine for a couple of months in the summer but that's about it; it needs warmth to smell good. Of limited use and very pricey at that. It dries down to a rather unremarkable floral/vanilla waft having lost most of his coconut beachy-ness. Its ok but there are so many other more interesting fragrances around e.g. Nobile 1942's La Danza delle Libellule. Perfect for a cool(ish) northern hemisphere summer.
25th June 2015
There are a lot of notes in this scent, all coming together to summon up suntan lotion, tropical flowers, fruit and--most intriguing--salty, briny skin. I think that this works--in spades--if you want to evoke all that is best about tropical beaches and sun-warmed skin. And who wouldn't, you ask? I think that the problem with all of these scents that recreate the scent of the beach (Virgin Island Water is a prime example) is that they smell good and are great casual scents but would smell inappropriate in, say a boardroom. That said, this is a really good smelling, memorable scent and a stroke of genius on the part of Estee Lauder, who have managed to do something strikingly different (starting with their Azuree Soleil) and very wearable.
1st June 2015
A fresh citrus/coconut/amber scent that screams, "Suntan oil." Great scent to enjoy and not "haute parfumerie," but just for fun. Merits a full bottle as this is a light eau de toilette. Try using the skin oil and layer to make it last longer. Longevity of this eau fraiche is not a plus.

This is a fresh addition to any collection. Truly a "beach in a bottle." It makes a good unisex for men who like a gourmand summer scent.

EDIT: Starting in 2014, this comes in a body cream. This has the most longevity out of all of the ancillary products.
14th April 2013
Love the salty sweet drydown.
2nd June 2012
Very feminine with a bit of spice, smells great in summer but also love it in winter. Shame it seems to have been discontinued...
18th November 2011
Bought a decant of this because I heard it was not noticeably different from Azuree Soleil, which I loved and now have to pay much more to get. Well, this experiment served as a good demonstration for me of just how delicate an art perfumery is. Yes, BG is clearly the descendent of AS, and the difference between their notes is probably small, but they are NOT the same. The sparkle and scintillating quality (some of it is due to lemon) of AS is present only in the first 10 minutes with BG, and it seems to promise so much. Then there's some subtle white flowers for the following 20 minutes. Then for the next 90 minutes all I smell is melting vanilla ice cream (the cheap kind), and then it's just gone. Azuree Soleil captured not just the smell of a sandy beach, but the FEEL of one, too--exhiliration, expansiveness, the glittering sweep of the horizon. Why, oh why, did they go and mess with it?
22nd October 2011
Although it's not listed, l get a huge cedar note in the opening. ls the sandalwood in this Australian? lf so, that might explain it, or perhaps it's the vetiver. No matter, l'm loving the woodiness of this more & more each time l wear it, & l never used to be much into woody scents. lt seems as though the note pyramid in this fragrance is upside-down, as it begins with depth & warmth, & slowly gets brighter as it dries down.
The bergamot makes an appearance, but the citrus notes are not detectable on my skin. The coconut is not obvious, but there is just enough of it to suggest suntan-lotion, aided by a creamy tiare note. lt settles very close to the skin, & after around 20 minutes l'm definitely getting the hot skin & sandy beach vibe that others have mentioned, along with a wierdly good lavender note.
lt only lasts 2-3 hours on me, but l totally love this fragrance. Not because it's perfect for the beach, but because it's perfect for reminding me of the beach on a not-so-sunny day at home. l found it especially comforting recently after returning from a beach holiday to find grey skies & rain! l would say it's easily unisex, too.
7th June 2011
I tried this perfume a few times last year, and even though I would not purchase it for myself, its scent intrigued me.

This is one of those fragrances that remind you of coconutty suntan lotion. Not horrible, but not what you expect in a fragrance. Men seemed to really dislike this when I wore it, which figures because almost all men hate the smell of a fake tan.

I'd say it would fit in nicely as a summery beach fragrance, because it tends to remind me alot through scent-recognition of some the beaches up Sydney way.

26th April 2011
Very nice indeed. Smells like coconut biscuits, in a good way. Quite transparent. I could swear there's some heliotrope in there, too.My only gripe: the hesperidic top notes are increasingly jarring with every wearing. They seem so incongruous with the rest of the scent, which is the exact opposite of sharp and refreshing. It ends up being a bit nose-wrinkling, those first few moments.It's a scent of sweet nothings, but very enjoyable, all in all.
4th September 2009