A range of 16 fragrances for men and women, each representing different districts of New York.

Broadway Nite fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehyde, green violet
  • Heart

    • rose, honeysuckle, iris, heliotrope
  • Base

    • sweet amber, vanilla beans, cedarwood, musk

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Probably should be named Androids on Broadway because it is so much of a simulacrum – disjointed, sleek and unreal. But it has an odd sheen (mainly the aldehydes) that makes the overall plastic impression much more interesting than it should be. Beneath it jerk sweet vanilla in a pudding style, super-diffuse violet that gathers freesia and honeysuckle tones under its mantle, a synthetic lemonade freshness, some default clean musk. And off it goes, on misaligned hips into the sodium glare of the city night.
3rd May 2020
Bombastic beauty
That won't let men go to sleep
Or so he found out

Figuring that the
Lily of the Grand Canyon
Might just raise the dead

ULTRA Violet
That changes its own gender
And changes it back

Aldehydes so strong
They can be picked out and thrown
By the carbonyl

And where do you hide
Some titanic golden Rose
But amongst titans

Some part of The Girl
Living in The Big Apple
Très incognito

Or so they all thought
When they tried to stash her ass
Far from the French mob

Some other New World
Some other Old World that sent
Peace bribes not war brides

So give that lady
An apartment with Maurice
Show her a good time

Some day she's gonna
Have one more address for her
Little collection

But then she stepped out
Leaving behind all of that
Witness protection

Ring up Ernest Beaux!
Tell him The Girl has gone {rogue|rouge}
The Old Boy just laughed

What was that address?
They say the fragrance smells like
Chanel No. 9

Bride of Leafzilla
That's right, that's what he called her
That kid who found her.
7th December 2019

98 scents and counting. How a house like Bond No. 9 stays in business baffles me. They turn out scents like a bunny farm and the vast majority of them smell "cheap" and unformed. They then put a high price tag on them. Well, they sell, and sell enough to keep Bond in business.

This is described by Tania Sanchez as a "sweet floral." She gives it four stars and likens it to Caron's Farnesiana (I don't get it) and to Millot's Insolence - I do get that one. The faint scent of celery seed that made that herbal fragrance so memorable is present here with a non-descript melange of floral notes.

The so called "sweet amber" note may be really a tiny dose of immortelle. The rose and heliotrope are nicely and softly nuanced in the background. Vanilla and musk round this out.

The overall effect is that of a powdery floral mix with the tart celery seed herbal note giving it a bit of a twist. Nicely done and one of the better scents from Bond, a house which has had more misses than hits in my book.
9th January 2016
Horrible nasty stuff...Bond no 9 is like the nuclear bomb of fragrance houses. The Aldehydes and violet overpower everything, and it is loud and obnoxious. It smells plastic fake, and has no redeeming qualities.
28th January 2013
Smells like Le Labo's Aldeyhdes 44 a few hours after spraying.

Maurice Roucel got it right.
2nd December 2012
I'm with GelbeDomino - I think this is a lot like Malle's Lipstick Rose. However, while they seem to share a lot of ingredients in common, they're stirred up differently and end up feeling very different. Both are based on candy-sweet rose and violet mixing with berries over a smell that resembles make-up - a confusing mix that smells to me like crayons melting on hot metal mixed with a greasy (like make-up, not food - it's not gross) soapy musk. While Lipstick Rose focuses on the perfumey make-up smell, Broadway Night puts the spotlight on the fruity floral aspects, mostly the bright sweet mix of violets and what smells to me like a mix of strawberry and grape Kool-Aid.

As such, Lipstick Rose will probably appeal to fans of sweet fruity florals, though the waxy perfumey notes, which get stronger as the scent progresses, make sure no one will mistake Broadway Nite for just another mall perfume.

Honestly, I'd never really wear this - it's really not my style - but it's well made, lasts forever, and has a luxurious high concentration, so there's no way I could give it a thumbs down, so a thumbs up just for being a quality scent.
21st June 2012
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