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Dunhill (2019)

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Part of Dunhill's 'Signature Collection'.

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Reviews of British Leather by Dunhill

There are 6 reviews of British Leather by Dunhill.

Like a person that does care about anyone or anything. everything on him is sleek but you can feel his rugged and dark side.he wears worn out leather jacket all the time and gets all the attention from ladies that love this handsome gentleman. Dunhill with this collection,did the come back to old good days. untamed,leathery, green,woody and at the same time romantic, gentle and sensual scent.

It opening with juniper;green, herbal and lightly bitter.there are bold citrus the opening fades out,one is left with a vegetal,herbal scent from the mate and leather.the leather gives it a alluring is spicy,and a soft leather stays throughout.the scent then shifts to a woody scent.the opening reminds me a little of classic men's chypre of the late 70's.It is not like those other,generic masculine scents is completely different,stands out and will certainly draw some attention.
Jun 20, 2021

Very disappointed with this buy. . . .(Signature collection), i was expecting something expensive & luxury. i am wearing since 03 comments on new fragrance and lasting 02-03 hours only (in-door).

Wastage of money . . .i never ever Recommend this product.
Sep 12, 2019

If you like Dunhill Edition you will like this one..for me it is a reajusted, refined version of Dunhill Edition..more Leathery. I think this is a winner.
Aug 17, 2019

On the opening you can smell bergamot weaved with a small amount of violet and soon after you get a small amount of oily leather and that's basically it. Again like the rest of the line it is very minimalistic with simple accords.

I cannot help imagining someone buying a full bottle from Harrods and opening the box in anticipation. They would be all excited in purchasing something expensive and exclusive. And then watching their face as it fills with disappointment. "Is this it, £120 I've spent from Harrods no less. And this is all they could come up with, I've smelled scents that cost a fraction of this that smelled more complex. And at least they made the effort.". lol

It's decent but I'm not impressed with British leather especially at this price point.

On a side note that candy like jelly baby smell that I mentioned in the sandalwood review. Well I smelled it in the far far drydown of Arabian Desert and it's in this as well. And it annoys me because when all the other notes have been spent, that jellybaby candy like smell just persists. I've been smelling it now for days.
Aug 8, 2019

The masterpiece of this series of 4 frags, together with Moroccan Amber. Absolutely great and interesting given the low profile of Dunhill.

I'll get a full bottle for sure (but will wait for discounter prices!)
Jul 29, 2019

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