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Bright Neroli by Ferrari

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Bright Neroli is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Ferrari

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Reviews of Bright Neroli by Ferrari

There are 15 reviews of Bright Neroli by Ferrari.

Bright Ferrari's balance of notes is appealing, but it's ultimately too blunt and unsophisticated in its construction to deserve too much acclaim. The "eau de cologne" style is typically about delicate nuance, but Ferrari Bright Neroli's modern take on the genre simplifies the structure and then lays it on thick. It isn't artful, but the effect is that it lasts considerably longer than many other releases in this style (though it's worth mentioning that even the heavily applied neroli does fade away at a certain point, giving the spotlight over to a "white floral" heart, which is more prominent here than in other notable neroli fragrances, like 4711 or Neroli Portofino).

Those looking for performance above all else may find much to admire about how this "freshie" wears. If you're not scrutinizing the scent composition and simply enjoy the pleasant wafts in the air, it does successfully evoke its "eau de cologne" origins. Accordingly, it will generally be perceived by those around the wearer as elegant and refreshing.

As such, it's hard to quibble with Bright Neroli's status as a "good value for the money" acquisition. I think other cheapies in this style smell better (among them, the classic 4711 and the sleek, minimalist Banana Republic Neroli Woods), but they don't have the same degree of presence.

Ok, so this is nothing like TFNeroli Portofino - not even close. The neroli isn't nearly as intense or rich, and it lacks the same depth and complexity.

But now that's out of the way, if you're after a light citrus freshly floral for the summer, that you can wear every day without breaking the bank then this is pretty perfect. It's not as soapy as penhaligons Castile. It's exactly was it says - clean, bright and fresh.

Judge it on its own merits, not on hype train comparisons to other things in different leagues.

Delightful mix of citrusy notes, especially all kind of orange smells. Although refreshing, It's also refining and could be worn at night, even in formal occasions. Slightly sweet (but nothing that could ruin the freshness) and not cheap-smelling at all. Truly shareable, longevity is pretty decent. Nice work from Ferrari!

A really enjoyable citrus and neroli fragrance that smells natural and organic in the dry down after the 'bright' uplifting citrus has faded, all the ingredients in this feel natural and not laboratory created. Simular to penhaligons castille or neroli portofino but for much less money. A real summer go to fragrance and the performance is very impressive with 5 hours of projection and silage. The bottle feels heavy and the cap is solid metal, overall one of the best bargains I've come across in fragrance. Tip* , don't use this after being in a swimming pool..the chlorine combined with neroli really smells bad gone off flowers.

This starts off with a strong note of neroli and bitter orange, with a hint of citron. The whole composition smells a lot like Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino or its ancestor 4711 Eau de Cologne, but Ferrari Bright Neroli is far more 'orange' in character, with less lemon and no bergamot or lime. The whole fragrance smells very natural and is a soapy orange scent; the light orange juice colour is very appropriate. On drydown over time it smells still mainly of neroli, but I get hints of vetiver as well. This fragrance is totally unisex and doesn't lean masculine or feminine (as is the case usually with neroli-based fragrances). It smells sort of like an orange version of Mugler Cologne (which is also neroli dominant and totally unisex but is 'green' in character). Sillage is moderate leaning strong while longevity is also moderate leaning strong, at over 5 hours. Overall this smells extremely pleasant, and is a fantastic ultra-orange natural smelling neroli cologne with far more longevity and projection than 4711 Eau de Cologne but priced way less than Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino (while smelling like both). Neroli, and citrus fruits are probably my favourite aromas in perfumery, and this is one of my favourite neroli-based fragrances.


I got two colognes from Fragrance Split today. One was GIT,and it was spot on,and the other was this one, Bright Neroli.
Let me first say that what I got from Fragrance Split was good, and the service was also solid.
That said ,when I sprayed Bright Neroli on it was OK. The name is what it is.I thought to myself, wow, I should get a bottle of this,especially what Bright Neroli is selling for. Then it started to change .All this began about 10 minutes in.About 15 minutes past and I said,no,I'll pass on this one,for it's getting into the overly synthetic side of colognes.20 minutes and I was getting pissed.My thought was this stuff is starting to stink.One hour latter and I was trying to wash it off.
I just took a smell from the twist up sprayer that Fragrance Split gives you,which is nice,and if only Bright Neroli stayed that way I would be happy. Sadly though,it doesn't. You get what you pay for.
Myself I would rather pay up for Acqua Di Parma's Colonia or Annick's Neroli . Both are nice. Then there's Le Gallion's Cologne too.
Sad to say it, but I am afraid to even give Bright Neroli away.I will though.It might work for someone else,just not me.
I would like to add that I generally shy away from reviews,but I thought that I should regarding Bright Neroli .

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