Bright Crystal 
Versace (2006)

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Bright Crystal by Versace

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Bright Crystal is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Versace

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Reviews of Bright Crystal by Versace

There are 34 reviews of Bright Crystal by Versace.

I'm just here looking for a replacement for Armani CityGlam. There are similarities to CityGlam, they share this very soft woody, very synthetic and 'cold' base. CityGlam as a whole was a fragrance that was loud in its softness. It was frozen berries and an air of " cant touch me". Bright Crystal is not that loud, not that fruity. It just makes me more sad that CityGlam is discountinued. Maybe it will win me over with a few more wears. I feel like maybe if I combine it with another fragrance I'll get closer to CityGlam

A 10-year-old sample seen from the:


Aqua Girl's fleugère
Charmed Spongebob Redpants into
Taking her clear pill

Facets and facets
Yet clarity still rules o'er
Her world of wonder

Even those dry ponds
The flowers, streams, sun and moon
Shine in her mirror.


I don't really care
Where I smelled this stuff before
I'm smelling it now.


Life's perfect beauty
Haiku's droplet diffraction
Beauty's broken glass

I'm a 32 yr old homosexual male reviewing this scent. Versace Bright Crystal including its EDP Absolu is/are my signature scent. Bright crystal Is what I spray when I feel sad and need cheering up. When people see me I'm told I smell like a rose garden which is my favorite flower even there are no roses in it. It's a very floral scent and if I had to describe the scent, it would be “Valentine's Day.” It literally smells like fresh cut flowers, roses to some.

I'd be emotionally destroyed if this was discontinued as it's my go to scent and has since it launched. The only time I don't use it is during the winter, which is when the Bright Crystal Absolu comes out of the closet. When my family and friends have smelled it elsewhere, I'm the first thing they think of. It compliments me perfectly.

This scent screams my personality and is the only scent I find “relaxing” and “safe.” To someone on the spectrum that says a lot.

From the King James Bible:

John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

Aquatic floral. Lotus and peony dominate here. The base is weak with only a hint of wood. A good, quick, spritz-and-out-the-door fragrance. Summery.

Sweet and very fruity, the scent is found in many of perfumes that targets teens and early 20's crowd. It is a very pleasant yuzu dominant opening, heart notes of peony and magnolia mix, no detection of lotus. No detection of base notes on my skin.

Although this is a very young scent, sweet and fruity, it is non cloying and it is very refreshing. It would be a great summer scent, but not so much for office use or conservative type of business.

Color I think of: baby pink, light yellow
words I think of: young, fun, chic.
suitable age (objective): late teens, early and mid 20's.

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